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Going to Las Vegas!


To cap off our first year of library school, we are going to the ALA conference in Las Vegas! Our first conference as an adult! We won’t be relegated to the childcare room this time! (Our mother took us to to several ALA conferences when we were kids, but our memories are spotty at best as to what we did).



Emma: Step 1 was to convince my husband that this is a “necessary” expense. The fact that Stan Lee is a keynote speaker is in my favor – my husband is an avid watcher/reader of Marvel comics and has managed to get all three of our kids into them as well. The trouble with telling my husband, “I have an idea”, is that his mind rushes to one of three conclusions: it will cost more money than he wants to spend, travel is involved, or both. The man knows me too well because my ideas generally do fall into one of those categories, and going to the ALA conference definitely does.

Convincing my husband boiled down to the fact that the networking and educational possibilities outweighs his need to horde money. He retires in five years, and I have to have a job by the time that happens. After 22 years in the military, the man deserves some R&R.

The highlights for me? Listening to Stan Lee speak, the whole slew of seminars related to comic books/manga, and a preconference seminar relating to gamification. My mom and sister will be going too, just like old times.


Opening Post

I created this blog to keep track of what I do library- and book-wise.  I am a first year library science student and just started working at a small library as a part-time circulation assistant, with the opportunity to create children’s programming. I will pull from my experience as Girl Scout leader to give me ideas.

In addition to programming posts, I will write about the books myself and my family have read. Our literary tastes run the gamut from picture books to manga to steampunk to non-fiction, so there is no overarching common thread, but sometimes we go on genre/format kicks. My three children are ages 2, 4, and 7, so this influences a lot of our reading choices.

As a fellow first year library science student and contributor to this blog, my goal is to keep an eye out for and share the histories, innovations, and curiosities within the world of libraries.  I will focus on posting interesting library-related articles, links, and photos, as well as offer information about conferences and events.  Additionally, I will discuss my own reading list and explore the various books and other media I’ve encountered.