First Storytime!

Saturday, May 3rd, was my first ever storytime and there is definitely going to a learning curve even with my experience as a Girl Scout leader. I was asked to do an event in May, and Mother’s Day seemed like a good choice. I wanted it to be simple enough for a 2-year old to handle with only minimal help, but not too boring for an older child.

Information about the storytime didn’t go out until about a week prior to it, so there wasn’t a lot of time to spread the word. Two families signed up, but only one family participated. I was happy that anyone showed up. It will take time to build up an audience, so even having two children there was good. The little girl seemed excited that she and her brother were “my first customers!”

Opening Song
“Clap and Sing Hello!” from Storytime Katie

Books Used

what not to give your momnight before mother's day

What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Martha Simpson
The Night Before Mother’s Day by Natasha Wing

Other Possibilities
The two books below were also possibilities for this storytime, but I ended up not using them.

A Present for Mom by Vivian French
T. Rex and the Mother’s Day HugMother’s Day Surprise by Lois G. Grambling

Because Mother’s Day was around the corner, the craft/activity was making a card. For the petals I used both circular and leaf-shaped punches for the petals, a circular punch (punches cut in half) for the leaves, and thin strips of paper for the stems.


2 thoughts on “First Storytime!

  1. anneruth13

    Good for you! As a professional storyteller, I know well the phenomenon of planning a program and then having a small turnout – but success is not measured in numbers, but quality of experience and it sounds like yours was a great event. And now you have it in your repertoire of the future. So it begins!

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