The Beach (Storytime)

My second storytime had a beach-theme in anticipation of summer break. It didn’t go as I had initially planned, but the children had an absolute blast playing with beach balls and “sand” (i.e. a yellow sheet). Giggling was heard throughout the library.

Books Used

beach daybeach partybeach

Beach Day by Karen Roosa
Beach Party! by Harriet Ziefert
Beach by John Hutton

*Beach Party! encourages participation. The children loved acting out how the animals moved.
*We read Beach after playing with beach balls. A sort of calm down before we sang our good-bye song.

My initial idea was to give the children some seashells and a pie tin with sand to play with. Unfortunately, my shopping bag full of shells is MIA (most likely the victim of one of my stuff-that-has-been-sitting-unused-for-too-long purges), so the morning of I had to scrap this idea.

I ended up bringing several small beach balls and a twin-sized yellow flat sheet with the idea of using as a parachute game. Both parents and children held the edges of the “sand” and shook the sheet to bounce the beach balls. When the balls popped off the sheet, the children would race to get them and throw them back into the sand. The children also made a game of hiding under the sheet while the adults shook it. One of the girls loved being “buried” in the sand.

After play time, the children sat on the sand (I should have done this to begin with) for one more story. All three of them took their socks and shoes off, so maybe it was a better that I didn’t have them sit on the sand from the get-go.

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