Button Storytime


pete cat buttonsbunches of buttons

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean
Bunches of Buttons by Michael Dahl

Non-Flannel Board Flannel Board Story
I used the flannel board button story from AnnesLibraryLife, but because  I have not made a flannel board yet, I pulled five buttons of the appropriate colors from my button bag and used them. Five children came to storytime, so each of them received a button to give back to me when I got to the color of button they held during the story.

We played two games today, and used Really Big Buttons for both of them. I bought these from Amazon, but you can get twice as many for approximately the same price at Discount School Supply. My fault for waiting until too close to storytime to buy them.

1. Tiddlywinks. The big buttons were good for popping up into the air (turn them upside down, so the smooth side is up), but not so much for getting into a cup for points. The kids had fun seeing who could pop their button up the highest.
2. Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?
I found several variations of this game online, and chose the one where a button is randomly placed into the closed hands of one of the children. They then had to guess who had the button.

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