Summer of Science

The Board of Directors wanted me to create a summer program for school-aged children. Because the public libraries are doing Fizz, Boom, Read, I decided to stick with the science theme. I love doing experiments with my Girl Scouts because they can’t get enough of hands-on activities. The messier or louder or otherwise shiver-inducing for adults, the better.  Oobleck, balloon rockets, and Mentos geysers are among the girls’ favorites

Because my school-aged program is science-y, the theme will carry over to my family storytimes and July/August family events.

Family Storytimes family

The ages of the children range from around 18 months to 4 years old, and program generally lasts around 30 minutes. It’s not a lot of time, but that can always be adjusted based upon participation. I’m just starting, so I figure it will take a while for numbers to increase. The basic content will be picture books and an activity or two, with songs, flannel stories, and action rhymes added in in some combination.

School-Aged Sessions

schoolA new addition to the library’s offerings in order to attract more school-aged children to the library during the summer, I am going to do four one-off sessions that focus on the hands-on aspects of science. No picture books.

Family Events 

bubble  slimy

In general, the library likes to have one hour-long family event per month. Previous months have been the Mother’s Day and National Donut Day storytimes. To go with the science theme, the summer family events will be less about storytime, though books will be read, and more about science exploration and fun.
**Bubble Fun! is being moved to Tuesday, July 15th in order for more families to be able to attend.

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