2014 Graphic Novels / Manga (First Half)

Because putting everything I’ve read in the first half of 2014 into one post would be too long…

My manga/graphic novel reading addition was not adversely effected by graduate school. In fact, I read more than I have ever because they’re just so darn quick to zip through.  A lot of the manga is scanilated (bad me for reading it) because a lot of what I’m interested in is not printed in English. Some of the series I really like have peen published in German, so if I want to get my hot little hands on them, I’m going to need to brush up on my languishing German skills.

Graphic Novel Favorites
saga16th gun 1rat queenssoulless 1

*Saga, vol 1 – I own all three volumes, but sacrilegiously have only read the first one. I need to read the rest. It’s a space opera, and I love that the characters are complex – the good guys aren’t completely good and the bad guys aren’t completely bad.
*Soulless, vols 1-3 – Because the novels are perennial favorites, I invariably read the GNs at the same time.
*The Sixth Gun, vols 1-6 – I would have never picked up this series if it hadn’t been mentioned by an author I saw at a conference in May. She said it wasn’t a genre she usually read, but liked how the female main character developed. I agree with her. Becky, the female lead, starts as naive (but not wimpy), and as the story progresses, becomes more worldly and confident with her new-found power. I am looking forward to seeing who she turns into.
*Rat Queens: Sass & Sorcery, vol 1– What’s not to love about this? Rat Queens is a bundle of awesomeness. It’s crass and sarcastic, violent and bloody, and had me snorting at some of the comments the characters made.

Graphic Novels
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant
The Sandman, vols 1-3
Friends with Boys
The Professor’s Daughter
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec: Pterror Over Paris/The Eiffel Tower…
Mystic: The Tenth Apprentice
The Lost Boy
Zita the Space Girl

Manga Favorites
321 lievehoney d ropsbeelzebubiron-maiden
private-prince-1crazy-girl-shin-biahorimiyaseraph 1

*Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu / 3 2 1…Liebe! – The first of my “the guy is outwardly an asshole, but just needs the right woman to set him straight because deep down inside he’s really caring” stories on this list. I bought the last volume in German because the scanilation wasn’t up yet.
*Honey x Honey Drops – Admittedly, the storyline is really jacked up, and the female lead needs to have her head checked, but I still liked it even though I wanted to throttle some of the characters. It is one of the series I’ve read twice (in Jan and Apr). It is also one of the series I will most likely buy in German. It is my second “the guy is outwardly an asshole, but just needs the right woman to set him straight because deep down inside he’s really caring” story.
*Beelzebub – A delinquent becomes the adopted father of a son of Hell. Hilarity and hijinks ensue. It can be violent and the humor is a bit off, but it was a fun read.
*Shishunki no Iron Maiden – One of the main focal points of the story revolves around girls who develop armor-like iron protrusions on their body once a month. The main character is a girl who has this condition, but manages to keep it a secret (the government takes away the girls who are special). This manga really, really needs to be translated and published.
*Private Prince – Viz is putting out Happy Marriage?! (by the same author), and I hope they publish this one as well. Yes it is a “the guy is outwardly an asshole, but just needs the right woman to set him straight because deep down inside he’s really caring” story, but again, I  really liked it.
*Crazy Girl Shin Bia – There is a part of me that would love to fall into an alternate universe in a similar situation. It’s not the best written thing out there, and the female lead can be a pain, and you can figure out fairly quickly how it’s going to end.  I don’t think it has been published in either English or German, which is a shame because I would buy it and read it over and over.
*HorimiyaCompletely different from all of my other favorite manga. This is a quiet slice of life story between a popular girl and a loner guy who have different personalities/appearances at home. A chance meeting puts them on the path to friendship and dating.
*Owari no Serafu / Seraph of the End
I learned of this series because Viz recently started publishing it. Of course I then went online and read the scanilations. However, I like the story enough that I’ve bought/pre-ordered all the volumes available. It’s a different twist on the vampires/end of the world scenario.

*Most of these I’ve read as far as the scanilations were available online. Some I read in print.
Maid Sama
Watashi xx Shinasai! / Missions of Love (thought it was awful)
Dengeki Daisy
Monster Musume
Hirunaka No Ryuusei (Stopped reading, want to throttle both the male/female leads)
Faster than a Kiss
Blood Lad
Millenium Snow
Crimson Spell
Only Serious About You
Totally Captivated
Ultimate Venus
B.O.D.Y. (Stopped reading, want to throttle both the male/female leads)
Virgin Ripper
Ware Ka Diablo
Midnight Secretary
Demon Love Spell
Barajou no Kiss
Maoh: Juvenile Remix, vol 1
Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives (Couldn’t even finish the first volume)
Mitsu Aji Blood

5 thoughts on “2014 Graphic Novels / Manga (First Half)

      1. sgriffin

        Fantasy, dystopian, humor. Some romance is okay, but not a lot of the jerky guy will turn out to nice.

      2. books&biblio Post author

        Ack! Sorry for the delay…out of town guests coming…

        The first manga I read was Blue Exorcist (fantasy). The second was Fairy Tail (fantasy/humor). Both are in print in the US. For dystopian-ish, Seraph of the End is good. Only the first volume is available in the US right now.

        If you like delving into the human psyche and watching how people crack under power then look at Death Note and Maoh: Juvenile Remix. Code Geass is another good one, but I don’t know how easy it is to find the manga. If you can’t find it, watch the anime.

        Bleach and One Piece are two other popular fantasy/action/adventure series. I like Bleach, but haven’t read One Piece, though it’s on my list.

        Depending on the type of humor you like, you could try Monster Musume. Same with Rosario + Vampire. Both are available in the US.

        Hope that helps! 🙂

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