Rockets (Summer of Science)

On Tuesday, July 22nd, we had our second Summer of Science session: rockets. Sixteen children participated (the best yet!). I was lucky enough to have a woman from the local chapter of the National Rocketry Association run the session. I had called her for ideas, but she was willing to come in and run the program – a huge weight off my shoulders.

She started out the session by talking about and showing the different kinds of rockets she has made with her three daughters – what materials were used to make them, the charges used to power them, and the processes of launching and landing.

The main activity was straw rockets. To make them, you wrap a strip of paper at an angle around a pencil, taping the bottom. Pull it off the pencil, fold the untaped end and tape it. Add fins. To launch, put the rocked on the short end of a bent bendy straw then put the long end in your mouth and blow.

The second part of the program was  supposed to be launching water rockets, but I didn’t realize I had forgotten the fins/valve until I started to set up for the rocket program.  I had also initially wanted to do stomp rockets, but our patch of grass is poorly situated – it’s somewhat small, and there would be a good chance that rockets would end up in the street or on the roof. Launching in the parking lot would have damaged the rockets. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

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