Storytime: Magnets


magnets stuck

Magnets: Everyday Science Level 1 by Karen Latchana Kenney
Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

Other Book Possibilities
Magnets Push, Magnets Pull
by Mark Weakland


1. Is it magnetic? I assembled trays containing both magnetic and non-magnetic objects. The children each chose a magnetic wand and held them over the objects to see if they would stick.

2. Magnetic Marble Art – There were two options for making art with the marbles: (1) Use a spoon to take a paint covered marble from the paint bowl, put in on the paper plate, and then hold the plate while waving the wand underneath. (2) Squirt a very small blob of paint on the plate, put a clean marble in it, then hold the plate and wave the wand underneath.

magnet edI hung up the artwork behind the circulation desk once the paint was dry. Some of the children only agreed when I said they could take their plate home with them after next week’s storytime.

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