August Books

simply magicsimply loveslightly marriedslightly scandalousslightly temptedslightly wickedslightly dangerousslightly sinfulsimply unforgettablea summer to rememberlife as we knew ith2o

*Mary Balogh – I read 10 of her books back to back at the beginning of August. Some I like more than others, some I will read again. I like the light romance. It’s great for escaping schoolwork.
*Life As We Knew It – One of the books on my YA lit reading list. My best friend has been after me for a while to read it, so I figured I would give it a shot. Not a fast paced book by any means, and nothing dramatic happens (other than the moon-orbit thing). What made it enjoyable was seeing how the characters coped with the ensuing nastiness. It felt believable.
*H2O – An ARC my library received about deadly rain (iron-consuming bacteria from the dust of a meteor that was blown up by missiles before hitting Earth). Once the kids are out of the house, I will do a write up on it. The short of it though was it was not a terribly good book. The main character was useless, there were inconsistencies regarding the effects of the rain, and I want to know how that girl survived towards the end of the book when there was pretty much no food to be had.

giants bewareABCfluffly cinnamarol

*Giants Beware
*American Born Chinese
*Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll, vol 1 – My 8-yr old likes it, but I had a hard time with the shortness and incompleteness of the chapters. A lot of them ended abruptly without any real conclusion.

There are no read alouds for this month as we are still slogging our way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (Egads! We finally reached page 300!)

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