September Books

This month’s reading was a bit sparse. One of my classes had the big project due at the end of September (instead of at the end of the semester), so a good chunk of my time was spent working on it. I also spent a lot of my free time marathoning the first two seasons of Elementary.

india black 1 queen tearling

*India Black – It’s not horrible, but not great either. It’s written in first person, and India Black’s voice is somewhat annoying.  I will probably get around to reading others in the series because I want to know about her “mysterious past”. None of the books are on Wikipedia so I can’t read the synopsis and call it good.
*The Queen of the Tearling – This was a stay-up-until-3:30-in-the-morning book. I like quests with female progtagonists, when they’re flawed and/or act their age, and I also like the fact that this is the rare book that doesn’t have a love interest as a focal point. My only quibble has to do with the world’s history – explanations were a bit murky and confusing, and I would like to know how a hereto undiscovered continent appeared for the original settlers to sail to.

ouran mercenary sea Girls of the Wild's

*Ouran High School Host Club, vols 1-12 – I watched the anime first, and liked how the show made fun of itself. The manga isn’t bad, but I prefer the anime.

*The Mercenary Sea, vol 1 – This has been on my list to read since I learned about it in one of Image’s monthly newsletters. Adventure in the South Pacific in 1938 mixed with a bit James Bond and a bit Indiana Jones.  Volume 1 was alright, but it felt like it was mostly set up. The series has a lot of potential to become awesome. I hope it does.

*Girls of the Wild’s – This is a weekly Korean webtoon (can be read long form on, published on Saturdays) that I’ve reading for a while. I thought I would tack it on to September since I haven’t listed it at all this year. An all-girls high school specializing in various fighting techniques and martial arts going co-ed starts the plot ball rolling. The story revolves around the lone male student, the girls who end up glomming onto him, and the various shenanigans they get into.

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