Storytime: Monsters


don't push button monster mess monster be good

Don’t Push the Button! by Bill Cotter (this is a great book to do interactively)
Monster Mess! by Margery Culyer
Monster, Be Good! by Natalie Marshall (I wouldn’t use this one again)

Other Book Possibilities
Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks
Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere (my 3 yr old son liked this one)

Songs – “If You’re a Monster and You Know It!”
A variation of “If You’re Happy and You Know It!”. We did four verses: wave your arms, stomp your feet, roar out loud, and do all three. Roaring was popular.

Action Rhymes – “Monsters Galore” from Sur La Lune Storytime

Monsters galore, can you roar? (Roar)
Monsters galore, can you soar? (Making flying motions)
Monsters galore, please shut the door. (Clap hands)
Monsters galore, fall on the floor! (Fall down)


1. Monster Toothpaste – I used the elephant’s toothpaste experiment from Steve Spangler, but changed the name to reflect the theme. I couched it as a question for the kids: “How do monsters brush their teeth?”. Well you need water (hydrogen peroxide) and scrubbies (yeast), and when they brush their teeth it foamily erupts out of the bottle. I found some photos online of Sprite bottles decorated to look like a monster/dinosaur/dragon, and I decorated my bottle similarly.  This was experiment was a hit at both family and toddler storytimes.

monster toothpaste

2. Monster Headbands & Dance – I found the idea for monster headbands from Fantastic Fun and Learning. I didn’t give the children as many options, keeping it to googly eyes and either crimped or spiraled strips of construction paper. Even with limited choices, some of the headbands were incredibly creative.

For our dance, I played “Monster Boogie” by Laurie Berkner. One of my regulars stood watching me while I danced, and when I asked if she wanted to join or just thought I was crazy, she told me I was crazy. (She did catch her dancing a few moments later.)

Other Activity
I forgot to round up the paint needed to make Rorschach monsters (my library has no usable paint), but the next time I do monsters, I will do this craft.


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