The Orange Carpet

My library held its 2nd Annual Halloween Runway Party on October 25th. The director came up with the idea last year to have kids model their costumes down The Orange Carpet. Each child is announced by name along with who/what they are dressed up as, then they walk runway accompanied by music (Jamiroquai, if you’re curious). This is not a competition. There are no prizes. Just each child’s chance to be the center of attention.

bp oc 3Me being me, I wanted to do more than just the fashion show and a single craft using random bits of foam and paper scrounged from our supply closet. My initial expansion idea came from Halloween ComicFest. I wanted to give the children Halloween-themed mini-comics (which ended up being a good choice on my part) and incorporate comic book elements into the party. I ended up skipping the additional comic book elements in favor of some simple games and and activities.

Once all of the children walked the Orange Carpet, we opened up the community room for the remainder of the party. There were four stations (two games, two crafts), and when families were ready to leave, a table with take-home favors consisting of  candy, Halloween-themed play dough, and Halloween mini-comics (Vamplets was the favorite).


1. Witch Hat Ring Toss (idea from Sometimes Creative) – I bought a piece of black foam core poster board and spray painted it silver. Dinner plates served as the template for the brims.  The cones are poster board and are attached to the foam core with electrical tape (using a glue gun didn’t cross my mind for some reason). The buckles are construction paper.

bp witch

2. Poke-A-Pumpkin (idea from Project Denneler) – Ignore the fact that in my infinite wisdom I wrote “pop” instead of “poke”.  This was surprisingly quick and simple to assemble. I hot glued orange plastic cups (16 oz) to white foam core poster board, put small prize in the cups, then rubber banded tissue paper over the openings. I did all of this while the board was horizontal, and made sure to be extremely careful when tilting it upright to place on the easel. Several cups had small bottles of bubbles, and I didn’t want them to either break the single layer of tissue or to be visible to the pokers.

This was by far the most popular station at the party.  I having at least two cups per child to poke.

bp poke


1. Origami Bats (instructions from Activity Village) – I printed out instructions, made a sample, and pretty much let the families have at it. If I did this again, I would remember to bring chalk so the children could draw faces on the bats.

bp bat

2. Candy Corn Collage (idea from Indiana Mom) – fairly self-explanatory. I found a free candy corn coloring page and printed it out. Since participants tend to skew younger at our events, I wanted to have something for them that wasn’t too hard.

bp craft

What Awaited Departing Children

Pumpkin Play Dough (idea from Juggling With Kids) – I used the ingredients in the ratios she had listed, but I combined the water, oil, salt, and food coloring in a pot and brought it to a quick boil before removing it heat to add in the remaining dry ingredients. Each pumpkin is approximately 6 oz, and I was able to get 6 1/2 pumpkins per batch.

bp pumpkin

Candy and Comics!

bp comics

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