Storytime: Veterans Day

*Coming Home about made me cry both times I read it. Thinking about it now makes me want to cry. The illustrations do a wonderful job capturing what a homecoming is like.

vet day nelson father's coming hiome coming home

Veterans Day by Robin Nelson
The Fathers are Coming Home by Margaret Wise Brown
Coming Home by Greg Ruth

*I had the initial idea of having the children make cards to take to the VA hospital, but I did not have the time to prep them because of a large assignment due for one of my courses.

1. Coloring Page – I printed out a page with an bald eagle head in profile against a US flag.

2. EOD Robot – the highlight of the storytime was an Air Force bomb squat robot demonstration. My husband showed the children how the robot worked, what the controller looked like, and had the robot pick up a grenade and put it in one of the children’s hands.  While participants were mostly on the younger side, they still had fun.

eod 2

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