Cruise Reads

My girls and I are going on a cruise (perfect timing to escape the wonderful Buffalo weather), and as with any vacation I take, reading will happen. I do have to squeeze in some getting-close-to-the-end-of-the-semester schoolwork, but that will take up only a minimal amount of time. Below is my wishlist of books to read. It is only a 4-night cruise, and I know I will not make it through even half of these books.

Physical Books
While I predominantly use my iPad for travel reading, I always bring actual books with me. Sometimes my kids lay claim to the iPad, and sometimes I just want to hold an actual book while reading.

(Ella Enchanted is the book I am currently reading aloud to Bean.)

alienated england mistress girls kingfisher ella

Admittedly, none of these books were purchased specifically for me to read on this cruise. Most of them have been wasting away in the ether for at least half a year. Six of them are novellas, so it shouldn’t take too long to read them.

not a vamp vamp charming marble monkey gilded ashes bane 5 bane 6 bane 7 bane 8 bane 9 flash gold lady of spirit sunbolt thorn

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