November Books

alienated girls kingfisherdevil intern lady of spirit jade yeo unnaturalists

*Alienated – An interesting story, that to me, is less about science fiction and more of a social commentary (xenophobia about “others”).  Light romance. Will buy sequel when it comes out.
*The Girls at the Kingfisher Club – The Twelve Dancing Princesses as set in the speakeasies of 1920’s Manhattan.  A good story in and of itself, definitely worth it if you enjoy fairy tale retellings. The ending is different than the traditional story.
*The Devil’s Intern – Well-written, and a creative imagining of hell. The premise involving a time-traveling paradox was well executed.
*A Lady of Spirit – Book 6 in a series set in a steampunk Victorian world. They’re quick, fun reads featuring a clever, independent female lead.

sing down the moon rebels strange fruit toads diamonds sylvia aki long walk samurai proxy

I read these books as part of a project for my multicultural literature class (I chose the books).  I ended up really liking Rebels by Accident and Toads and Diamonds. Sing Down the Moon was just awful. I loved it as a child, but rereading it as an adult found both inaccuracies and stereotypes. It would like to see how different the story would be if someone from the Navajo Nation rewrote it.

*Rebels by Accident – A nice window into the life of a Muslim-American teen. It is relatable to all teens because at its heart, the story is about finding your identity and accepting who you are.
*Toads and Diamonds – A refreshing take on the fairy tale, I like that both sisters are “good”, and that their gift helps them grow and become better people. I also like that they have to save themselves and not rely on a prince to save them.

private prince 1private prince 2private prince 3 hm 1  lillith blue morning

I reread the first three volumes of Private Prince, all ten volumes of Happy Marriage?!, and the first volume of Blue Morning (it wasn’t bad, but I don’t have a need to read any more volumes). I discovered Lilith Dark because of Twitter and enjoyed it. I gave it to my daughter to read (it’s an all ages GN), but she thought it was a bit too dark. If your child likes darker adventure stories, it would be a good fit.

HP 4 bun2 howliday fortunately

After finally finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we moved on to other, shorter books. I’m choosing all read alouds for the months of November and December because of how long it took us to read HP4. I read Bunnicula to Bean when she was in kindergarten, so it wasn’t a new book to her. However, this time around it held her interest. We also read Howliday Inn (there were several parts of the story that she didn’t want me to stop reading). We will pick up the series again at a later date. The final book we finished in November was Fortunately, the Milk. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and I wanted to subject Bean to his awesomeness. The father in the story reminded me of Doctor Who – his long scarf, wild hair, and crazy time-traveling adventures. It was funny and outlandish and both of us loved how the illustrations complimented the story.

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