December Books

siege winter only ever yours beauty something strange darkness strange reapers are angels selection elite one etiquette espionage curtsies waistcoats fat boy words spoken Print thorn

Two of the December books were outside my normal reading tastes (The Siege Winter and Words Spoken True), but I decided to give them a chance when they slid across the circulation desk. I liked both, but wasn’t overwhelmed by them. Fat Boy VS the Cheerleaders was funny, light read. The tone reminded me of Grasshopper Jungle (though I think GJ was better).

*Only Ever Yours – This one won’t be out in the US until April, but because it’s already in print in the UK, I was able to buy a copy from Abe Books. It was worth the read for sure. I’ve heard it compared to Brave New World, but I haven’t read that one in over 15 year, so I can’t agree or disagree. However, what’s being said in the story goes well beyond the superficiality of the society represented. I’m still thinking about the implications a month later. It has a morbid tone, so I recommend having a happy, fluffy book on hand to start as soon as you finish reading this one.
*The Selection Trilogy – A nice take on the YA dystopian trope, more of a light romance set in a dystopian world. I ended up buying The One in ebook format because there was no way I could wait the however many days it would have taken my library branch to get it from another location.
*Finishing School series – I enjoyed the first two books, but Waistcoats & Weaponry felt like the second installment of a trilogy – stuff kind of happens, but it feels like filler.

beauty blacksmith how to catch once upon scandalous
stranger in garden Print

I had a slight run on novellas, so they’re getting they’re own section.

maid sama 1 sailor twain trillium undertow 1 saga1 saga2 saga3 saga4 soulless 1 blankets seconds

*Trillium – A love story across millennia, but not necessarily typical. The lives of the two main characters intersect, messily switch, then both have to realize what happened and try to fix it. It took some time to get used to the drawing style (I’m partial to cleaner lines and less detail), but once the story sucked me in, I didn’t notice it anymore.
*Undertow, volume 1 – An interesting concept about Atlantean rebels who live above water. Tthe artwork felt messy, and it was hard to distinguish characters from each other.
*Saga, volumes 1-4 – Oh Saga, how I love you! An awesome Romeo and Juliet-ish space opera. Volume 4’s ending has me wishing volume 5 was out now. I need to know what happens!
*Seconds – This is an odd little book about the ripples and repercussions caused when you go back in time to change your mistakes. Definitely existential. Definitely contributed to some crazy dreams (in part because I had just watched the Doctor Who episode, “Blink”).

ella cs treasure island

The two books I read aloud to Bean during December. Ella Enchanted the book is definitely different from Ella Enchanted the movie. The Classic Starts version of Treasure Island made me interested in reading the original. Bean commented on how many people were injured or died throughout the story, to which I pointed out that the majority of the characters were pirates.

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