My Daughters’ Favorite Graphic Novels

My 8-year old daughter is an avid graphic novel reader. She’ll whinge if you hand her a chapter book, but she’s loved almost every graphic novel I’ve placed in her hot little hands (the Amulet and Squish series being the exceptions so far). The idea of giving her graphic novels didn’t occur to me until we started reading The Fog Mound trilogy when she was in first grade. The chapters in the books alternate between prose and comic format, but she was especially taken by the details of the comics chapters. I read the first Babymouse to her because of that her fascination, and she’s been hooked on graphic novels since then. Below are her current favorites.

My 4-year old daughter loves looking through the Babymouse books, but wanted her own graphic novels. She cannot read, so that’s a limiting factor. She’s been obsessed with owls for most of her life, and since Owly has no words, I figured it would be a perfect fit. She now owns three Owly books, and reads them in bed on most nights. Hello Kitty is the other series she’s read, but we check them out from our library.

8-Year Old

babymouse 1 happy happy clover 1 mameshiba guinea pig swan

Babymouse by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm (18 volumes so far)
Happy Happy Clover by Sayuri Tatsuyama (5 volumes)
Mameshiba: On the Loose by James Turner & Jorge Monlongo
Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye by Colleen AF Venable & Stephanie Yue (6 volumes)
Swans in Space by Lun Lun Yamamoto (3 volumes)

4-Year Old

owly 1 hk here we go

Owly by Andy Runton (5 volumes so far)
Hello Kitty: Here We Go! by Jacob Chabot & Jorge Monlongo

lily owly

My 4-year old getting ready to read her brand new Owly in bed.


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