Read Harder Challenge – Book Riot

I have never participated in a book challenge until now. Generally because the lists I’ve come across in the past have been too narrowly focused (e.g. you must read these specific titles). Admittedly, I haven’t looked very hard. I’ve always viewed reading challenges in the same way I view New Year’s resolutions – a good idea, but the execution rarely happens.

I am a big fan of Book Riot, and pretty much every article read on their site results in additions to my already near-unmanageable “to read” list (my Amazon list is currently sitting at 402 titles). Because of my Book Riot, when their Read Harder Challenge popped up in my Facebook feed, I thought I would give it a look. And it looks pretty darn awesome. Categories instead of titles brings with it the thrill of the hunt. The number of tasks within the challenge is reasonable. Twenty-four categories means I only have to read two books per month (if so inclined, which given my reading history, I am not).

My sister and mother have decided to do the challenge with me, and even though my husband has no interest in these kinds of things, I plan on steering his reading selections towards meeting categorical requirements.

Some sort of strategy is necessary for this, and I’m placing certain parameters on myself, or I could knock out most of the challenge by waltzing over to one of multiple bookshelves scattered throughout my house. Simple is best, so:

*Books read in the past cannot be reread to count towards this challenge.
*Books cannot count for multiple categories.
*Books used for Book Riot’s challenge cannot be used for Panels’ challenge, vice versa.

Now onward to some awesome books I might not have read except for this challenge!

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