Storytime: Pizza


hi pizza man petes a pizzA

Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter
Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig

(I meant to read Secret Pizza Party as well, but completely forgot the grab the book from home.)


“Five Little Pizzas” (from Perpetual Preschool)
Five little pizzas all in a row
The first one said, “I’m made with pepperoni, you know”
The second one said, “I’m made with sausage and cheese.”
The third one said, “Don’t eat me, please.”
The forth one said, “I’ll be your dinner tonight,’
The fifth one said, “someone has taken a bite!”
Five little pizzas all in a row.
Would you like to eat them?

“Pizza Man, Pizza Man” (from Jen in the Library)
Pizza man, pizza man turn around.
Pizza man, pizza man touch the ground.
Pizza man, pizza man give the dough a toss.
Pizza man, pizza man ladle on the sauce.
Pizza man, pizza man sprinkle on the cheese.
Pizza man, pizza man touch your knees.
Pizza man, pizza man put it in the oven.
Pizza man, pizza man press the oven button.
Pizza man, pizza man rub your tummy.
Pizza man, pizza man eat some pizza!  Yummy!

1. Foam Pizzas – I found some 4″ basketball foam shapes and used those as the pizza crust, then the children used various foam stickers as the toppings. Nothing fancy, and didn’t cost a penny.

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