March Books

mermaids paradise poisoned apples 42 just city

*Mermaids in Paradise – An interesting concept with a stream of consciousness narrator (this does start to wear after a while). The story was silly, with an out-of-left-field climax. I was alright with everything up until the last page when the author threw in a deus ex machina. Then I wanted to throw the book across the room.
*Poisoned Apples – a book of poetry that uses fairy tales and their tropes as jumping off points for poems about women, girls, and body image. This is a book I needed when I was in high school. It still resonates with me in my 30’s. I loved it.
*The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (audio)– one of my favorite books of all time, listened to in my car as read by Stephen Fry.
*The Just City – My knowledge of all things Greek/Platonic philosophy is very shabby, and while having a better understanding would have probably increased my enjoyment of the story, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The folly of gods (or goddesses) and man.

xxxholic tsubasa miss don't touch me beauty hubert

*XXXHolic & Tsubasa – Multi-dimensional time traveling story told from varying perspectives (depending on the series). It was interesting, but not so much that I read beyond the first three volumes of each.
*Miss Don’t Touch Me – A young woman joins a brothel in order to search for her sister’s murderer. Hubert does a wonderful job showing how her single-minded determination ends up causing her to lose everything.
*Beauty – A fairy tale that revolves around an ugly girl who is granted her wish by a fairy she rescues to become beautiful. Her wish ends up being a double-edged sword, heavy on the bitter and bloodshed. Another folly of man story.

sea star stormy

*Sea Star & Stormy, Misty’s Foal – Bean was very taken with Misty of Chincoteague, so we read the two other books available. They are good, solid stories even if they are a bit dated in some ways (minor technological things that I had to explain – like why a camera’s flash bulb popped). We were going to go to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands during our visit to VA, but decided that a 6 hour round trip drive with my two littles was not something we wanted to do (they are an entire chorus of whining unto themselves).

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