Storytime: Nests


mama built nest nest hurley perfect nest

Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward
Nest by Jorey Hurley
The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend (family storytime only)

Other Book Possibilities
Tanglebird by Bernard Lodge
Whose Nest? by Lynette Evans

Music “Rockin’ Robin”
Dancing has always been a sticking point at my storytimes – as in I dance and the kids look at me like I’m crazy. This time, I handed them egg shakers in a bid to trick them into dancing. It ended up working when I had them dance the eggs on their heads, elbows, chin, etc…


“Home Sweet Home” (from Perry Public Library)
A nest is a home for a robin; (cup hands to form a nest)
A hive is a home for a bee; (turn cupped hands over)
A hole is a home for a rabbit; (make a hole with hands)
And a house is a home for me. (make roof with peaked hands)

“Big Birdies Fly” (from Ready to Read @ ALPL)
Way up in the sky, (arms circle above head)
The big birdies fly, (flap arms)
While down in their nest, (hands make nest)
The little birds rest. (head on folded hands)
With a wing on the left, (flap L arm)
And a wing on the right, (flap R arm)
The little wee birdies
Sleep all through the night. (head on folded hands)
Shhhhh, shhhh –(finger to lips)
You’ll wake up the birds!  (yell!)
The bright sun comes up, (arms circle above head)
The dew falls away, (flutter fingers down)
Good morning, good morning
The little birds say. (bird beak hands R & L)

1. Bird Nest Helpers (from What We Do All Day) – I bought nylon netting and cut it into squares. In the middle of the table, I placed a bunch of yarn, string, raffia, and dried grass for the children to choose from. The children placed everything in the middle of the netting, then we bundled it up and tied it with string.

nest 2

2. Nest – Someone donated an actual nest to the library last fall (the whole reason I did this storytime, actually). I brought it out to show the children what a nest looks like up close.



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