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Storytime: Frogs


hop jump stick breen 5 green speckled croaky pokey

Hop Jump by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Stick by Steve Breen
Five Green and Speckled Frogs by Priscilla Burris *
The Croaky Pokey by Ethan Long *

*I sang Five Green and Speckled Frogs, and instead of reading The Croaky Pokey, memorized the lyric modifications and sang/danced the song. The children loved The Croaky Pokey, especially when they got to pretend to eat a fly at the end of each verse.

(Both rhymes are from Perry Public Library)

“Mr. Bullfrog”
here’s mr bullfrog (make fist)
sitting on a rock (put fist on flat palm)
into the water he jumps (jump fist up)
kerplop! (clap hands)

“Funny Funny Froggy”
Funny funny froggy, hop hop hop
Funny funny froggy, stop stop stop
Funny funny froggy, don’t run away
Funny funny froggy, stay and play!

1. Frogs in the Pond – I blew up several green balloons (the “frogs”) and placed them in the center of my newly purchased parachute. Children and adults shook the parachute to see how quickly we could get the “frogs” to hop out of the pond. I also had the children pretend to be frogs, and hide under the parachute.


Storytime: Mother’s Day


i like noisy kangaroo mother my monster mama

I Like Noisy, Mom Likes Quiet by Eileen Spinelli
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle
My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck

Other Possibilities
Mother’s Day Surprise by Stephen Krensky
What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day by Martha Seif Simpson
The Night Before Mother’s Day by Natasha Wing


“Hugs and Kisses” (from SPL children)
(Tune: “Frère Jacques”)
Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses
Just for you, just for you!
Just to tell you, Mother, just to tell you, Mother,
I love you, I love you!


“Mommy” (from The Holiday Zone)
Mommy sweeps and washes dishes, (pretend to sweep and wash dishes)
Packs my lunch and blows me kisses, (blow kisses)
Cooks our food, cleans our clothes, (pretend to stir)
Wipes the baby’s runny nose, (point to nose)
Dries our tears when we cry, (wipe eyes)
Hugs us when she says good-bye. (hug self)

Handprint Card (from Indulgy) – With the help of their (grand)parents, the children made Mother’s Day cards.


Storytime: Monet


monet anholt monet impression picnic monet

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet by Laurence Anholt
Monet’s Impressions by The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A Picnic with Monet by Julie Merberg (toddler storytime only)

Other Possibilities
Katie and the Waterlily Pond: A Magical Journey Through Five Monet Masterpieces by James Mayhew


“If You’re Wearing [color] Today” (from SurLaLune Storytime)
(Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
If you are wearing red, shake your head
If you are wearing red, shake your head
If you are wearing red
Then please shake your head
If you are wearing red, shake your head

If you are wearing blue, touch your shoe
If you are wearing blue, touch your shoe
If you are wearing blue,
Then please touch your shoe
If you are wearing blue, touch your shoe

If you are wearing yellow, shake like Jell-O
If you are wearing yellow, shake like Jell-O
If you are wearing yellow,
Then please shake like Jell-O
If you are wearing yellow, shake like Jell-O

Final verse: wearing a rainbow/do all three

Construction Paper Waterlilies – Each child used a 5″x7″ piece of white card stock as a base, then made their own waterlily pond. The results were really creative!

monet 1 monet 2

Storytime: Gardens


my garden i have a garden counting in garden

My Garden by Kevin Henkes
I Have a Garden by Bob Barner
Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker

Other Possibilities
And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano
The Curious Garden by Peter Brown


“Planting Time” (from
(Tune: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)
Dig, dig, dig the earth  (make digging motion)
Then you plant your seeds  (pretend to drop seeds)
A gentle rain  (Flutter fingers down)
And bright sunshine  (Circle arms above head)
Will help your flowers grow (Hold one arm parallel to ground and move other arm up behind it with fingers extended to represent a flower growing)


“Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”
(I sing this rhyme)
Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.

“Little Seed in the Ground” (from Sunflower Storytime)
Little seed in the ground (crouch down on the floor)
Sitting so still (stay crouching)
Little seed, will you sprout?
Yes, I will! (jump up!)

Plant Seeds – I brought in seed starting pots, potting soil, and bush bean seeds. The children put soil in the pots and planted two bean seeds. I chose beans with the hope that they would sprout even with minimal effort on the children’s part.

April Books

To note, three books I listed as March reads, were in fact finished or read in April:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (audiobook)
The Just City
Stormy: Misty’s Foal

I should probably also note that I’ve been playing/reading two of the “Shall We Date?” otome games – Niflheim and Blood & Roses. The latter game caused The Smithereens’ song by the same name to get stuck in my head.

red queen rabbit back mfing sharks glass arrow shambling ny 4 nights duke
*Red Queen – Even though this book is on the tropy side, and the MC has too many potential love interests, I liked how the tropes were used. I wouldn’t buy it, but I would read it again, and I will read the subsequent books as they are published.
*Rabbit Back Literature Society
– I don’t know exactly what to think about this book. It was interesting, but I could only read it in 15-20 minute bursts because the story didn’t suck me in. However, I liked how it played on the idea that mental instability helps authors to be better writers.
*Motherfucking Sharks Pulp Fiction Samuel L. Jackson was my in-head narrator, and when I finished, I had the strong urge to watch Sharknado (RiffTrax version).
*The Glass Arrow – Glad this book ended like a stand-alone as opposed to the ubiquitous YA trilogy. The idea behind it falls in with A Handmaiden’s Tale and Only Ever Yours, though different enough that even with some conceptual overlap, is very much its own story. I enjoyed it, and wouldn’t mind reading it again and then doing a comparison between it and the other two mentioned books. Maybe after I graduate.
*The Shambling Guide to NYC – A fun little romp, also helped by the fact that the author cited Anne McCaffrey and Robin McKinley as favorite authors, who happen to be my favorite authors from childhood.

say i love you 1oddly 1 oddly 2 over the wall here

*Say I Love You, vol 1-4 – It’s nice to read a manga romance where the male MC isn’t a whole lot of asshole surrounding a nugget of loving boyfriend. This is a series that I will most likely end up buying.
*Over the Wall – I liked the idea, but the story didn’t feel complete.
*Here – (Hundreds of) thousands of years overlap the same physical space. There’s no real plot, but is instead a voyeuristic looking-in-other-peoples’-windows romp.

see saw girl

*SeeSaw Girl – both Bean and I enjoyed this book. Several more books by Linda Sue Park are on my to be read aloud list.

Storytime: Rainbows


rainbows rainbow of my own rainbow book spot the animals

Rainbows (Looking at the Sky) by Linda Aspen-Baxter (Family Storytime only)
A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman
The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt
Spot the Animals: A Lift-the-Flap Book About Colors by American Museum of Natural History (Toddler Storytime only)


“Great Big Rainbow” (from Preschool Express)
(Tune: “I’m a Little Teapot”)
There’s a great, big rainbow
In the sky,
With pretty colors
Way up high.

When it starts to rain
And the sun comes out-
A beautiful rainbow
Will pop out!

Scarf Rhyme

“Rainbow Dancers” (from Storytime Katie)
Rainbow dancers let’s get ready
Hold your scarves nice and steady.
You’ll hear the colors of the rainbow.
Listen for your time to go.

Shake red…
Shake orange…
Shake yellow…
Shake green…
Shake blue…
Shake purple…

Red scarves turn around,
Orange scarves up and down.
Yellow scarves reach up high,
Green scarves fly, fly, fly.
Blue scarves tickle your nose,
Purple scarves touch your toes.

Everybody dance around,
Swirl your scarves up and down.

Shake purple…
Shake blue…
Shake green…
Shake yellow…
Shake orange…
Shake red…

Rainbow dancers dance around,
Scarves swirl up and down.
Our colorful dance is at an end.
Thank you, thank you, all my friends.

Rainbow Pasta – I chose to do something simple this week, and had the children string colored noodles onto pipe cleaners (fine motor skills and pattern recognition). To color the noodles, I put them in a ziplock bag and added liquid watercolors. I didn’t measure the amount, and added more watercolor as needed.

rainbow noodle

Storytime: Birthdays


cow birthday max bday dino zoom fairytale cake

A Birthday for Cow! by Jan Thomas
Max’s Birthday by Rosemary Wells (Toddler Storytime only)
Dinosaur Zoom! by Penny Dale
The Fairytale Cake by Mark Sperring

Song – “Happy Birthday Song”


“Make A Cake” (from Sunflower Storytime)
Mix the batter, stir the batter (make a stirring motion with one arm/hand)
Shake some flour in (make a shaking motion with one arm/hand)
Mix the batter, stir the batter (make a stirring motion with one arm/hand)
Place it in a tin (pretend to pour)

Sprinkle in some chocolate chips (pretend to sprinkle)
Put it in to bake (open both hands, palms up, and slide them forward)
Then open wide the oven door (pretend to open door)
And out comes the cake! (open both hands, palms up, and slide them forward)

Birthday Cake Draw and Tell Story (from Notes from the Story Room)

1. Pom-Pom Cupcakes – I made these as SWAPs with my Girl Scouts a couple years ago, and figured that with a few modifications could be easily made by preschoolers. Glue dots (to stick the pom-pom to the cupcake holder, and to stick the cherry pom-pom to the big pom-pom) and glitter glue help simplify the process. A card stock circle helped stabilize the cupcake.

I couldn't find the mini-cupcake wrappers, which is why there is a strip of cardstock around the pom-poms instead.

I couldn’t find the mini-cupcake wrappers, which is why there is a strip of card stock around the pom-poms instead.

2. Play dough cupcakes – I used a different activity with my toddler storytime, because pom-pom cupcakes would have been too much for them. Instead, they each got a play dough “cupcake”, candles, and jewel stones (along with caregiver warning to make sure no one mouths them, generally none of my toddlers put things in their mouths. I’m assuming I’m lucky in that regard).

play dough cupcake