Swimming In Books

We English-speakers need to adopt the Japanese word tsundoku, which means “buying new books and letting them pile up unread on our shelves” (from an article on Open Culture via Mental Floss’ Facebook page). Tsundoku perfectly summarizes my relationship with new books – I acquire many more of them than I will ever be able to read.  The piles of books floating around my house are a constant visual reminder of this somewhat disheartening fact. While I find time to read a decent number of books, and having three young children certainly puts a damper on 16-hour reading binges.

Library books, and newly purchased books and graphic novels languish because some beloved and oft reread book calls attention to itself. The loudest at the moment is The Southern Vampire series, aka Sookie Stackhouse. Yesterday, I succumbed to its call and instead of reading one of the many books pictured below, am now starting to reread the series (but only the first 6 or 7 books – the quality noticeably tanks after that, coinciding with the premier of the TV show version). The fact that I have so many unread graphic novels is doubly sad because they don’t take very long to read. I have no real excuse as to why I haven’t read them yet.

lib bks to read

Languishing library books.

tbr bks 2

Neglected graphic novels.

tbr bks 1

Sidelined new books.



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