Summer Science: Bubbles

Tuesday, July 7th, marked the first of six Summer Science series – three for toddlers/pre-K, three for school age. Bubbles was the first session, geared towards the T/PK set. I did a slightly different version of this program last year. There was a lot of overlap, but the age group for this year’s program was specifically for 2-5 years old. Last year it was a family event, and the age of the participants skewed older.

I opened with a book, then the children had two activities to choose from. To close out the program, I turned on my bubble machine and sang, “My Bubbles Float Over the Ocean” (tune: “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”).

bubbles float

Bubbles Float, Bubble Pop (Science Starts) by Mark Weakland


1.Bubble Painting – I tried this last year, but it was only marginally successful. I found this blog post after the fact and decided to follow her instructions instead. It was definitely a better choice. The mess factor was still there, but it was less frustrating for the children.

Small cups of bubble solution mixed with liquid watercolor.

Small cups of bubble solution mixed with liquid watercolor.

bubbles 4

My sample.

bubbles 3

Participant artwork.

2. Blowing Bubbles – I made two tubs of bubble solution: a basic recipe (water, dish soap, and glycerin), and a more fancy recipe. I also set out a tray filled with different types of bubble wands. The fancy recipe was the fan favorite – it did a great job making big bubbles.

bubbles 1 ed


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