June Books

cruel beauty throne glass crimson bound gilded ashes alien koch 7 little peach Untitled-1 wicked thing beauty beast james tricksters sookie 1 sookie 2

*Cruel Beauty – I reread this because the dark tone of ACOTR reminded me of it (also of Sunshine). Nyx has to fight against the bitterness she holds against her family and her current situation with her growing attraction to both her husband and his shadow. It is a beautiful book, and one I will read over and over.
*Throne of Glass – I read this book because of how much I enjoyed ACOTR. It is noticeably a debut novel, but it was still worth the read. It’s nice to see a book that has a female as the MC of the standard fantasy trope of lost-heir-has-sword-fights-the-bad-guys.
*Crimson Bound – Set in a different universe than Cruel Beauty, but it still retains the beautiful dark imagery. I have to admit that I am staunchly Team Bad Guy, and want to know how the story would end if Team Bad Guy came out on top.
*Gilded Ashes – A Cinderella novella set in the CB universe, it packed a lot in. I want (need?) to see how Rosamund Hodge handles other fairy tales. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.
*Alien series – I read books 6 and 7, and am still enjoying the series. Every time the character James Reader speaks, I hear Ray Gillette from Archer in my head.
*Little Peach – A quick read about how easy it is for a girl to fall into domestic sex slavery. It doesn’t go too in-depth, but it would be a good introduction for a high school student (or anyone, really).
*A Wicked Thing – A reimagining of Sleeping Beauty, the opening is strong, but it kind of peters out towards the end of the book. Not a lot actually happens because it’s going to be a trilogy. The book would have been much better if the story progressed faster. It feels like it’s better suited for a longer stand alone or a duology. Aurora is also too passive and complacent.
*Tricksters – A favorite from my childhood, this is the lite version of the darker supernatural romancey YA novels currently out there. Margaret Mahy glosses over many things that would now be described more explicitly. Also? No MC love triangle!
*Southern Vampire series – I gave in and instead of reading the stacks of books I should be reading, started in on Sookie & Co. I much prefer Book Sookie to True Blood Sookie.

skip beat v 1 say i love you 5

*Skip Beat vol 1-24 – I started reading this series on the recommendation of sumlynnnguyen, who commented on my April Books post. And you know what? This is an awesome series! I love Kyoko’s mix of grudge, revenge, pessimism, optimism, and naiveté.
*Say I Love You vol 5-7 – I still love this series, and can’t wait for more.

hello piggle wiggle choc touch

I read two books to Bean in June (we’re working on a third, but it’s been slow going). We’ve read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books before, and they are ones that Bean comes back to periodically. She also enjoyed The Chocolate Touch (another book that shows its age in superficial aspects, but is still a strong story despite this).

sunny the yellow fairy fern the green fairy blue fairy indigo fairy violet fairy mth dino

Bug (my 5-year old) adores the Rainbow Fairies series, and given that it takes about 30 minutes to read one, they can be blown through very quickly. My 3-year old son started listening in as well. I wasn’t expecting him to have the attention span for them, but he does. We also read the first book in the Magic Tee House series. There are more words and less pictures, so it takes longer to get through a book. Both Bug and my 3-year old (who really needs his own moniker) like MTH so far, though they get a little restless if we read for more than 10 minutes at a time. My husband is reading the second book in the MTH series to them right now.

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