July Books

stone in the sky sookie 3 sookie 4 sookie 5 sookie 6 crown of midnight heir of fire yes pleaseshining girlscupid psyche orendakiss at midnightonce upon a tower ready player one china rich gf fantasy lover wrath dawn enchanted everything leads

One thing a 36-hour round trip drive is good for is blasting through a bunch of novels. I listened to Yes Please for on the outbound drive (can’t read a book in the dark). Amy Poehler’s style of comedy is not my cup of tea, but when she wasn’t trying to be funny, she had some good things to say. A sprinkling of short insights throughout the book made it worth listening to. Stone in the Sky was a satisfying second book in a duology. The pacing isn’t fast, but it flows well. I also managed to get Sookie Stackhouse out of my system. I liked the books better when I read them six years ago.

Ready Player One was awesome. I love that both Oingo Boingo and Heathers were referenced within the first three pages. I also love the reference to MUDing*. Oh the days of DOS computers and Telnet. My roommate in high school took to hiding my keyboard from me because I had the tendency to MUDD* to the exclusion of all else – this experience is why I have never allowed my self to get into gaming. I would never resurface.

*MU(D)D – Multi-User (Dungeon) Dimensions. RPO referenced them as MUD, but I knew and loved them as MUDD. Don’t know if it makes a difference in the whole scheme of things.

Some quick mentions:
*The Shining Girls – I liked how everything that happened was caused by everything that happened (it’s all a loop, you see). My only complaint was that no explanation was given for why those specific girls were targeted.
*The Orenda – Another awesome book. The points of view of each main character fit with their experiences and frames of reference. It was beautiful and brutal.
*Everything Leads to You – One of the books in my Book Riot YA Quarterly Box. Not one I would have chosen on my own, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. I liked the importance given to small details.

laika rocket girl beautiful darkness skip beat 9 wayward alien vs parker low donald duck magus bride

I ended up making a dent in my graphic novel “to read” stack this month. Laika was hard to read, but worth it. I cried while reading the last several pages. Knowing what happens, and knowing how the scientists felt about it, didn’t make it any easier.

The only stand out GN was Low. The plot and set up for the next volume were great, though I found the illustrations to be a bit frenetic and hard to follow at times. Beautiful Darkness was interesting, but I much prefer Beauty. Donald Duck “Lost in the Andes” took me several months to read. I know it is a classic, but it wasn’t funny, and the racial stereotypes were painful. The only reason I slogged through it is because I read it for the Panels Read Harder Challenge.

dr libris cs swiss family

We didn’t get a lot of reading done in July, mainly because of summer camp and a vacation. That being said, we managed to read The Island of Dr. Libris (both Bean and I liked it, but I felt it wasn’t as strong as Escape from Mr. Limoncello’s Library). It served to get Bean interested in some of the stories that were referenced (Pollyanna and Tom Sawyer, specifically). The second book we read was the Classic Starts version of The Swiss Family Robinson. Both of us enjoyed it, but because it was heavily edited, it felt rushed. I want to read the original so of all the loose ends make sense. Bean and I also had issues with the how perfectly everything fell into place for the family, and the fact that a menagerie of geographically unrelated animals inhabited the island. When it comes to shipwreck books, I prefer Baby Island.

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