Emma’s August Books

I read a whopping 32 books in August. Though I have to admit, I am now burned out on romance-y books. I broke out the non-fiction because I read/listened to more than one, but didn’t break out the lone graphic novel (Blue is the Warmest Color) because well…it was lone. I am also qualifying that these are “Emma’s” books because I’ve been hounding Sophia to start doing this too.

hyperbole kaling korean cool nph small island
tidy japanese worst hard time

I love Hyperbole and a Half largely because I’ve found someone who’s similarly flawed. While unfortunately not included in the book, the “alot” post is what got me hooked on her blog a few years ago. Bill Bryson is always entertaining, but the audiobook version of Notes from a Small Island was painful to listen to. Painful. I will never listen to another audiobook read by Ron McLarty. His inflection and tone do not work with Bryson’s dry humor. Situations that should be funny turned squidgily assholish. I prefer Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? to Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Mindy Kaling didn’t try to be funny. She just talked about her life in a relatable way. Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography was great (I’ve always been a sucker for him, in part because he is also from New Mexico).

anna french kiss austenland blue warmest color chase me driven by fate duchess earnest ember exposed by fate first grave h2 horrorstor isla lola make me need me owned by fate razorhurst rules of seduction scot knot warm bodies warriors woman woman planet

I am going to skip over most of these books because…wow…someone spent too much time ignoring their housework. She also stayed up way too late on too many nights. I will mention Warm Bodies because it was a good zombie-with-angst book. The dynamic between all of the people/creature players was well done. I watched the movie afterwards, and while John Malkovich was a perfect cast for Julie’s father, the movie completely messed up his storyline. The movie ending was wrong. Too happy. Anna and the French Kiss was a surprising favorite. I love that both Kitchen (by Banana Yoshimoto) and Like Water for Chocolate were mentioned/incorporated. Aspects of her experience were like mine (I also went to a boarding school for high school). I can relate to her mortification at one point in the novel because a similar thing happened to me. My favorite quote: “Girl Scouts didn’t teach me what to do with emotionally unstable drunk boys” (pg 140). No…no it didn’t. It still doesn’t. The final mention is Horrorstör. I’m not a fan of horror, but I couldn’t resist the IKEA-like setting. The formatting was humorous, the story was good (with the set up for a potential sequel, which would be worth it). I went to IKEA the day after I finished the book, and felt a moment of creepiness while walking through the fake room displays.

cs tom sawyer cs pollyanna

I read two books to Bean in August, both were chosen because of our reading of The Island of Dr. Libris. We liked both, but Pollyanna was the favored one. I enjoyed it more than I expected. It is a book I have always avoided because I assumed it was sappy and sentimental. Maybe it is, but it was done in a non-annoying manner. I would like to read the original version.

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