2015 Graphic Novels / Manga (First Half)

While my book reading more than doubled, my graphic reading was almost non-existent. This was due in part to the fact that I was not glued to the computer reading manga scanilations. To only marginally compensate for that, I’ve included the three webcomics I read.

2014 Graphic Novels/Manga (First Half)
2015 Books (First Half)

Graphic Novel Favorites

rat queens rat queens 2 beauty hubert

*Rat Queens vol 1-2 – Rat Queens will forever be a favorite of mine. It is unapologetically snarky and crass and awesome. Volume 1 introduces the ladies in all their glory, and volume 2 starts poking at backstories. Both volumes are individual adventures, but each one ends with the set up.
*BeautyA nice adult fairy tale that shows how debased man can be. It is bitter and bloody and shows that wishes are a nasty double-edged sword that punish as least as much as they reward.

Graphic Novels
Oddly Normal vol 1-2
Ms. Marvel vol 1
Over the Wall
Miss Don’t Touch Me
Girl Genius
(an ongoing webcomic)
Love Not Found
(an ongoing webcomic)

Manga Favorites

say i love you skip beat 1

*Say I Love You vol 1-7 – A nice love story where the male MC isn’t a complete jerk. Both characters are sweet and endearing. It’s a nice change from a lot of other romance manga.
*Skip Beat! vol 1-24 – I would have never picked up this series if it wasn’t for the comments on my April Books post. I love Kyoko’s mix of grudge, revenge, pessimism, optimism, and naiveté.

A Bride’s Story vol 1-7
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle vol 1-3
xxxHolic vol 1-3
Girls of the Wild’s (an ongoing webcomic)

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