Storytime: Popcorn


popcorn asch popcorn moran

Popcorn by Frank Asch
Popcorn by Alex Moran

“I’m a Little Popcorn” (from Sturgis Kids)
I’m a little popcorn (sit on floor in a ball with arms around knees)
Shaking to and fro (rock back and forth)
When the oven gets hot enough (uncurl slowly)
Pop! I go! (jump up)

“Popcorn in the Popper” (from Sturgis Kids)
*I did this as spoken rhyme, not a song
Popcorn in the popper
Pop, pop, pop, pop (Jump up and down)
Popcorn in the popper.
Butter in a dish
Butter in a dish
Melt, melt, melt, melt (sink to floor)
Butter in the dish.

Scarf Song
“Popcorn Kernels” (from Jbrary)
(Tune: “Frere Jacques”)
Popcorn Kernels (wave scarves overhead)
Popcorn Kernels
In the pot (make their scarves ‘disappear’ by bunching them up in their fists)
In the pot
Shake them shake them shake them (shake)
Shake them shake them shake them
’til they POP (Toss scarves up into the air)
’til they POP

Parachute Play – I blew up several white and several yellow balloons and put them in the parachute We tried to see how quickly we could “pop” the balloons out of the parachute.

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