Storytime: Bats


batty baby bat lullaby

Batty by Sarah Dyer
Baby Bat’s Lullaby by Jacquelyn Mitchard


“Fruit Bat” (from Bayviews)
Fruit bat, fruit bat, turn around. (Turn around)
Fruit bat, fruit bat, touch the ground. (Touch ground)
Fruit bat, fruit bat, blink your eye. (Blink eyes)
Fruit bat, fruit bat, fly up high. (Flap arms)
Fruit bat, fruit bat, better behave. (Shake finger)
Fruit bat, fruit bat, hide in your cave. (Flap fingers behind back – we crouched down)

“Lift Your Wings” (from Bayviews)
*Used as a scarf rhyme*
Lift you wings up in the air (Hold up arms out to sides)
Flap them, flap them, everywhere. (Flap arms)
Jump up high, sit down low, (Jump up, sit down)
Now fold your wings & sit like so. (Fold up arms next to body)

Static Electricity Bats (from Inspiration Laboratories) – I cut multiple bats out from tissue paper ant taped them to the table. Each child was given a balloon to generate static electricity (by their head or Miss Emma’s sweater) in order to make the bat “fly”.


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