November Books

November was a crazy month, as evidenced by how many books I read (and the fact that it was heavy on romance and fantasy). I can’t blame it all on avoiding responsibilities as I blew through a lot of the books while escorting the cleaning crew at work (they hadn’t received their clearances yet).

I “officially” read 33 books and novellas. However, the number is somewhat higher because I ended up starting a human-women-abducted-by-aliens-romance kick, but…let’s just say the ones that aren’t listed were very, very painful to read. I can gloss over a lot of badness in the name of a story that has the potential to be interesting, but sometimes bad writing and stilted characters/dialog just kill it.

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birthright 2 koch 1 first then 5th grave court thorns 6th grave station 11 cinderella colonel Untitled-10 princess ahira rump shea puss boots shea mbrc mbrc 2 mbrc anth cowboy gannon wicked gannon caveman gannon barbarian 1 barbarian 2 barbarian 3 barbarian 4 not another vampire vampire charming dk pre dk 1 zombies gannon dk 2 dk 3 dk 4

*KM Shea – I first read Cinderella and the Colonel last year and loved it – a very well written take on Cinderella. Her MBRC books are great and in keeping with strong, resourceful heroines. Shea’s books are light romances.

*Cassandra Gannon – I’ve had several of her ebooks sitting on my iPad for ages, but never got around to actually reading them. Cowboy from the Future caught my attention, so I bought it, read it, and loved it. I love her use of pop culture references and the fact that her female MCs lean towards strong, resourceful, and sometimes sassy (Karalynn from Not Another Vampire Book takes the sarcastic cake). Gannon’s romances are a bit more on the bodice ripper side when it comes to scenes/description.

*Alien Romances – Only four of the 12 books in this sub-genre are ones I will publicly claim to have read. The Ice Barbarian series made it because women weren’t weak damsels in distress. They were in distress, and then did something about it. While their survival focuses on shacking up with big blue aliens, the women are resourceful and adapt to an alien planet.

*Dark Kings – The main plot of each book is the romance between the two MCs, while the overarching plot of the series is awesome. It is complex, with ambiguous motivations and hidden players. The romance aspects are fairly formulaic, but easily glossed over. I could give or take the majority of the MCs in each book, but Rhi, Ulrik, and Constantine are by far my favorite characters.

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