December Books

December still saw me in the midst of my alien romance binge. I admitted to all of them this time, though there was only so much “romance” I could take before I just started skimming all of the scenes. One could argue that I should have just stopped reading them, but it was a train-wreck-slash-break-from-reality that hadn’t quite run its course.

grim wray beast gannon cowboy gannon furiously happy DK6 DK7 professional master CD 7 warlord AA 1 AA 2 AA 3 AA 5 AA 4 valdier 1 valdier 3 valdier 2 valdier 7 valdier 5 valdier 6.5 sarafin 1 valdier 6 curizan 1 demon witch demon psycho hunter DK 8

*Alien Romances – I liked that Grim diverged from the standard heroine path. Lisa had two daughters, and they were part of the larger plot (females being a scarce commodity). What I didn’t like was that part way through the book, the editing went to total crap. Tenses flipped around like it was going out of style. Eve Langlais’ alien abduction books were entertaining. I will read two of them again at some point (Accidental Abduction and Dual Abduction). The two demon books of hers I read were also entertaining. I have a penchant for mouthy, no nonsense women. Heroines in several of S.E. Smith’s books fit this as well, though I skimmed most of the romance scenes in her books because it just got too formulaic. The over-arching background plot was interesting, but not outstanding.

*Charlie Davidson series by Darynda Jones – This series has been a staple during my daily commute. It’s a different take on good vs. evil, and it’s set in my hometown (I’ve been craving a visit to the Frontier). The past couple of books have gotten tedious, with Charlie sounding more like a petulant, somewhat not-getting-it-through-thick-her-head child. I don’t know if that is because it feels like the plot hasn’t been progressing as quickly as it could, or if it’s how the narrator interprets Charlie.

*Furiously Happy – I’m a huge fan of The Bloggess. It’s reassuring to know there are people out there who are similar to me. The audiobook version is the way to go because she reads it herself. I prefer listening to authors read their own books because they know how and when to inflect.


*Matilda – The lone children’s book to make it into a monthly reading list for a while. We have been reading other books, but we haven’t finished any of them. I read Matilda to Bug after I took her to see the musical version. I did not like how they modified the story. The musical changed backstories and made Matilda darker and more angsty than she is in the book. I wanted Bug to see the “real” Matilda.

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