Book Riot Read Harder 2016

Last year was the first year Book Riot ran their reading challenge, and both myself and my sister had fun finding and reading books to match the categories. Some categories were harder than others – for me, finding an African author was hard given many of the recommended authors were African American, not born and/or raised in Africa. Others were easy because they were types of books I read regularly – YA, retellings of classic stories, and graphic novels.

Their 2016 Read Harder Challenge looks to be equally entertaining. “Read a book out loud to someone else” and “read a middle grade novel” will be quick and easy as I do both of those anyway when reading my children bedtime stories. Other categories will be harder, such as “read a horror book”, because I don’t like being scared. I watched It when I was 13, and was still avoiding storm drains 10 years later, imagining Pennywise curling a finger towards me saying, “come here, little girl”. I did break from my horror novel avoidance rule last year to read Horrorstör. Consequently, I had trouble sleeping that night, and made the mistake of going to IKEA the following afternoon. The display rooms gave me the willies.

Like last year, both my sister and husband will also participate. Unlike last year, my husband will knowingly participate as opposed to me throwing specific books at him to read.

I plan on following the same strategy as last year:

*Books read in the past cannot be reread to count towards this challenge.
*Books cannot count for multiple categories.
*Books used for Book Riot’s challenge cannot be used for other book challenges.

Let the reading begin!

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