Book Riot, PopSugar, The Hub…Oh My!

2016 is shaping up to be a year of book challenges, though whether or not I complete any of them remains to be seen. Last year, I did manage to complete Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge, but that was the only one. Both PopSugar’s and Panels’ challenges were not quite so lucky. Being sucked into a sub-genre vortex can do that to you – alien abduction romance novels…I’m looking at you.

I’m already underway with Book Riot’s 2016 Read Harder Challenge – six out of 24 books read so far, but I am also going to attempt both PopSugar’s 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge and YALSA’s The Hub 2016 Reading Challenge. Of the two, The Hub is by far the most likely contender for completion as I only need to read 25 books. PopSugar has 40 books, and if I’m honest with myself…I probably won’t really pay attention to it until I’ve (mostly) completed the other two challenges. But, here’s to optimism! Right?

cuzco bring it on

PopSugar’s 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge
The behemoth of my chosen challenges with 40 tasks, PopSugar’s 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge has a good selection books (genre, format, themes, etc…).¬† While some of the tasks are well within my comfort zone – a YA bestseller, a book based on a fairy tale, a graphic novel – others are well out of my normal reading range – a political memoir, a book from Oprah’s Book Club, a book recommended by someone you just met. This last one is less of a “reading range” issue and more of a “I don’t talk to people” issue.

YALSA’s The Hub 2016 Reading Challenge
The Hub is a bit different from the other two challenges. There is a set list of titles to choose from instead of themed suggestions, and it has to be completed by June 23rd. This challenge will also push me past my normal reading range – only 11 titles on the list were on my TBR list. A fringe benefit of reading 25 books off the list is submitting your list in order to be entered into a drawing to win free books. One can never have too many books, amirite?

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