January Books

Looking at my Goodreads list, I read a whopping 62 books in January. That seems like an ungodly high number of books, but over half of them were manga and graphic novels. Another six were audiobooks (a big thank you to my commute and household chores), and yet another six were Magic Tree House books, which leaves 13 actual books (not including the three novellas).

I like the idea of doing little blurbs for the books, but given the sheer number of them, it really isn’t practical.

Audiobooks (7)

dirty job not father's son hunger modern girl secondhand souls
as you wish waistcoats weaponry what if

Novels (11) / Novellas (3)

dare dashwood speak easy boundless etiquette carriger curtsies carriger bloodsucking fiends rogue not taken rogue by any other name one good earl girl from well anna dressed in blood gold fame citrus we are ants feminists

Manga (30) / Graphic (5)

my only vampire fairy tail black bird one piece tokyo ghoul
lumberjanes 1 lumberjanes 2 velvet 1 velvet 2 roller girl

Child Read Alouds (8)

mth 2 rose 2 escape lemoncello




2 thoughts on “January Books

    1. books&biblio Post author

      My reading list might be impressive, but my house is a disaster. 🙂 My favorites? Tokyo Ghoul (horror, but more focused on the characters and their psychology/sociology), Lumberjanes (comedic supernatural adventures at camp), Velvet (double-crossed/framed spies – what if Moneypenny was a spy? kind of thing), Not My Father’s Son (Alan Cumming is an interesting person who’s had an interesting life), and the Sarah MacLean romances.


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