February Books

February was another impressive reading month, with 46 books read. As with January, over half the books were either audio or graphic. I spent a huge chunk of time at work dealing with files, which lends itself to hours upon hours of audiobooks.

I am adding book thoughts this month because it bothered me to skip over it last month. Not every book will be included, and my thoughts on graphic novels/child read alouds are omitted entirely.

My favorite reads of February: Echo, Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs, Enemy of Mine

Audiobooks (8) / Dramatizations (3)

neverwhere bbc dracula dram carmilla dram
never weird day life xmas carol dram echo
trollhunters nice girls fangs nice girls date flirt werewolf

Dracula as an audio book was very good, each character voiced by a different actor made all the difference in the world. I would never be able to actually read Dracula – it was wordy and got annoyingly fatalistic as story progressed. The dramatization of Carmilla was also good (hello, David Tennant!). I’ve heard of Dracula being a bit risque for its time, but never Carmilla. Having listened to both, Carmilla is the definitely the more risque of the two. Keith Richards has always been an intriguing person to me, and I’ve wanted to read/listen to Life for a while. He has lead an incredibly interesting life, and there were multiple times I wondered how on earth he is still alive. Echo was absolutely beautiful. It definitely lends itself to an audio format, incorporating music into the story. Molly Harper’s vampire and werewolf romances are hilarious. The main characters are slightly sarcastic women from crazy Southern families, and the narrator reminds me of Jenny Lawson.

Novels (11) / Novellas (2)

dumplin AA 1 dk 6.25 never judge maclean ana california
zeroboxer fair fight pygmalion manners mutiny wishing highlander
enemy of mine highlander of mine cinder

Dumplin’ had been on my TBR list ever since I first learned it about it a year ago. I liked that Willowdean was generally confident in herself, and essentially gave the status quo her middle finger when she entered the beauty pageant. Only the ending bothered me as it felt unfinished. Zeroboxer was a decent read with a focus on MMA-style fighting. It could have been a lot better if the focus had been more on the fighting and the political tensions between Earth and Mars, instead of a romance that felt like an unnecessary plot check mark. The Fair Fight had me at “18th century women’s boxing”. The characters felt real within their context, and their endings made sense (though several endings were a bit unsatisfying). Enemy of Mine was a surprisingly good time travel romance. The romance wasn’t overly cloying, and Erva, the heroine, knew her stuff as a military historian focusing on the Revolutionary War. The same couldn’t be said about the two Highlander time travel romances.

Graphic (10) / Manga (8)

one piece 13 relish phoenix requiem drowned city ms marvel 2 awkward

Child Read Alouds (4)

charlie chocolate factory lemoncello olympics mth moon

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