March Books

My reading streak was still going strong in March with 45 books read. As with Jan and Feb, over half the books were audio or graphic, both of which make the total seem more impressive than it really is.

Favorite March Reads: Modern Romance, Illuminae, Written in the Stars, Made You Up

Audiobooks (14)

vampire mail order bride seducing werewolf modern romance nice girls forever ready player one
daughter smoke bone nice girls bite neighbors miss peregrine werewolf meets match heart darkness
little dribbling illuminae graveyard armada

Modern Romance was very fascinating. It looks at how dating has changed with the incorporation of technology and how marital expectations have morphed from “good enough” to “passionate love”.  The Illuminae was freaking amazing! A space opera with HAL9000 and Reavers (oh my!). The story is well suited for audiobook, with sound effects and multiple voice actors. It’s worth looking at the hardcopy as well in order to see ship schematics, etc… My only complaint was the very, very end. I don’t like endings that ham-fistedly set up sequels. Armada was another amazing book. I liked that it felt completely different from Ready Player One even with video games used as central points for both books. It’s more thought provoking because of the nuances of the alien invasion.

Novels (13) / Novellas (4)

simon ice barbarian 5 charm strange bone gap six of crows miss bramble rest of us werewolf xmas driving mr dead care feeding vampires girl of nightmares enemy of mine bones and all archivist wasp written in the stars rad amer women made you up

Some of these books will be blurbed out in my Hub Challenge post, but suffice it to say, that my YA reads were definitely off-balance in an interesting way – magical realism and unreliable narrators, specifically. The Rest of Us Just Live Here looked at all the magical craziness from the perspective of the uncool teens who just want to live through it. It was both tongue in cheek and serious in how both groups of teens coped. I couldn’t put down Written in the Stars. I can’t imagine the trauma of being in a forced marriage, or how “not really a bad guy, but not really a good guy” various family members were and how easily they justified their actions. Made You Up was another good one. It was interesting existing in Alex’s reality.

Graphic (3) / Manga (8)

andre super mutant one piece 21 age of license
psyren 1 tg 5

Kids (3)

my father's dragon sylvia aki long walk to water

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