April Reads

My reading streak calmed down a bit in April with only 31 books read (down from 62 in January, 46 in February, and 45 in March). I blame Thailand. I didn’t get as much reading done as I thought I would, but ended up spending most of my time socializing. It was an awesome trip that was well worth the 33 hours total travel time it took each way.

Favorite April Reads: Bryony and Roses, Dawn

Audiobooks (11)

better homes hauntings kiss of steel ninth grave heart of iron
lady quicksilver turn of the screw fangs memories forged by desire
dawn adulthood rites imago

The London Steampunk series were fun to listen to. My favorite was My Lady Quicksilver, followed by Kiss of Steel. I didn’t care for the other two as much since the heroines felt too hand-flappy and weren’t necessarily proactive about their situations. I admit that part of my strong dislike for Lena (heroine of Heart of Iron) could be because of how the narrator read her, but Lena annoyed me in pretty much every scene she showed up in in every book. The same could be said of Turn of the Screw. I wanted to throttle the governess. If she had just talked to the children the situation could have gone better. Or at the very least, the children could have had someone to help them cope with the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of the valet and previous governess. The Xenogenesis trilogy was incredibly good, if disturbing, and at times squidgy. More on that in my Read Harder post.

Novels (10) / Novellas (2) / Nonfiction (1)

undead xmas bryony and roses seventh bride skies of fire not another vampire
edward american duchess martian ghosts of heaven boy in black suit
barbarian 7 barbarian 1 future violence

Bryony and Roses was a very good retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I have not come across another version quite like this – the reason why the Beast was a beast, and how his curse was ultimately dealt with. Not Another Vampire Book was a re-read. Ignoring minor grammar issues, Karalynn was snarky and no nonsense. I loved how pop culture vampires (and other references) were used to highlight how ludicrous being stuck in a horrible vampire romance novel was. It took me about 100 pages to start enjoying The Martian. Once other characters were brought in, and the informality of Mark Watney’s log entries were balanced by narrative, it was much easier to read. I ended up really enjoying it. Harkening back to my alien romance kick last year, I read the latest in the Ice Barbarian series, Barbarian’s Mate. Some of the books in the series lack plot and focus on the romantic leads, but thankfully this one actually had something else going on. I re-read the first one, Ice Planet Barbarians, because I wanted to compare how much of an actual plot there was versus agonizing over sexy-time. Book #1 had more, but book #7 had a decent showing. Book #6, Barbarian’s Prize, pretty much had no plot, and could be completely skipped (assuming the reader cared about exploration, regaining lost technology, adapting to the new environment, and potential interactions with the original abductor aliens).

Manga (3) / Graphic (3)

march 1 delilah shilling trashed silent voice 1

Kids (1)

cs time machine

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