Audiobook TBR List

Any book hoarder worth their salt has an untold number of books on their TBR list (my Amazon list alone is sitting at 727 books). With the advent of my new job last fall, I’ve embraced the awesomeness of audiobooks. They are a different way to experience a story, and for some types of books, a better way to enjoy them – I’ve found I prefer listening to memoirs instead of reading them. I’ve also discovered a new favorite author – Molly Harper, and new favorite narrators – Amanda Ronconi and Wil Wheaton.

With a 45 minute one-way commute, and an inordinate amount of time spent in a file room, I have blown through over 60 audiobooks since I started this job last fall. Admittedly, I’ve listened to the majority of my Audible selection at 1.25 speed (reserving 1.5x for books that just. need. to be. over.).

Recently, shifting duties have kept me from my earbuds on most days, causing my queue to grow to 22 books. Audible’s Daily Deal and other promotions make it too easy to add books to my ever growing list. I have an eclectic mix of books, though split fairly evenly between fiction and nonfiction. What I read comes down to what grabs my interest.


agent stars invention of nature witch's handbook trigger warning tipping velvet sea wolves scary mommy rocket girls republic of pirates predictably irrational off to be wizards ocean end of lane menagerie man on moon little history philosophy lamb isabella warrior queen girls atomic city ghengis khan gc victorian britain curious beginning blood starlight


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