South Carolina Workcation

I am in South Carolina for six weeks of workcation (two down, four to go). And though my days are spent (re)learning immigration law, I am kid- and responsibility-free — and it is awesome! No screaming, no cooking, no cleaning.

You would think my experience in Thailand would have curbed my enthusiasm for dragging too many books with me, but there is where you would be wrong. I brought a whopping 27 books and Exploding Kittens – NSFW (not for the easily offended, and best played while inebriated). And how many books have I read in the past two weeks, do you ask? Five.

SC books 1

How to be a Victorian – Adventures in living Victorian in a modern world
The Total Money Makeover – Because I want to get my debt paid off
A Court of Thorns and Roses – A dark reimagining of Beauty and the Beast
A Court of Mist and Fury – The “what other crazy stuff is going to happen?” sequel
Sundiver –  A sci-fi mystery
Alien series – A mouthy, no-nonsense heroine who listens to an awesome soundtrack
The Poet and the Vampyre – Lord Byron’s influence and star power
Keturah and Lord Death – A Scheherazade bargain with Death
Orlando – Live for centuries! Switch genders!
Evelina – 18th century London satire as narrated by an ingénue

SC books 2

The Beautiful Bureaucrat – An odd duck that sounds interesting
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore – Books and secret societies, yes please!
The Weight of Feathers – Carnie mermaids and birds, and feuding families with secrets
The Girl at Midnight – Magical thief in NYC
Beauty Queens – Satirical beauty queens survivor-style
Glass Sword – Is Mare the monster she’s been fighting against?
The Library at Mount Char – A secret library and a missing god
The Book of Speculation – Mysterious books and family curses
Eligible – Modern and snarky Pride & Prejudice
A Royal Experiment – King George III, monogamy, and family disfunction
Over the Edge of the World – Magellan goes around the world (but he can’t find his baby)
Daughters of the Samurai – Upper-class Japanese girls experience Western culture
I’ll Never Write My Memoirs – Grace Jones is unapologetically herself



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