My Next Next Hold List

My South Carolina workcation is finally winding down – I should be driving home as this posts. And even though I still have 9 books left of the 27 I brought with me, I have already placed hold requests at my library for 20 additional books from my “Next Next Hold” list.

My main list, “Emma”, had over 300 books on it, so I added “Hold Nonfiction” and “Hold Next” to make things more manageable. Even after creating the two splinter lists, I still have over 200 books on “Emma”, so manageable is relative. “Hold Next” initially intended to do just what it says…until I realized I had too many books on it as well.  Thus, my “Next Next Hold” list was created. I will only put 10 books on that list (there are currently 20), and once those have all been requested, I will shuffle books from the other three lists onto it in a most likely unsuccessful attempt to get all lists under control.

Eclectic is again the name of the game for book selection. Some of the books are part of ongoing series (One Piece and Tokyo Ghoul on the manga side; The Rose and the Dagger on the YA novel side). Some books are ones my sister has told me I need to read (A Wild Swan: And Other Tales, Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, and The Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg). In the case of Dead Wake, not only my sister has admonished my lack of reading it, but three of my coworkers have as well.

tenth grave wild swan rose dagger night circus notorious RBG homecoming hot pterodactyl boyfriend infectious madness ink and bone ivory and bone
rook one piece omni 11 one piece omni 12 tokyo ghoul 6 tokyo ghoul 7
hex hall dead wake and i darken act of god across the universe

The Curse of the Tenth Grave – Charlie Davidson, her shenanigans, and attempts to save the world from Satan and various pan-dimensional gods
A Wild Swan – Psychological fairy tale retellings
The Rose and the Dagger – “Rescued” by her husband’s enemies: her family. Now what?
The Night Circus – Ill-fated, dueling magical lovers
Notorious RBG – Because my sister told me to read this book RIGHT NOW!
Homecoming – Multi-generational tale of two half-sisters
Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend – Need I say more?
Infectious Madness – Mental illness is caused by bacteria/viruses instead of genetics
Ink and Bone – The Library is the totalitarian gatekeeper of knowledge
Ivory and Bone – Prehistoric Pride & Prejudice
The Rook – Amnesiac secret agent dealing with supernatural threats
One Piece – The continued adventures of Monkey D. Luffy’s scrappy pirate crew
Tokyo Ghoul – Ghouls or humans: who are the monsters?
Hex Hall – Reform school for witches who mess up prom night spells
Dead Wake – The story of the Lusitania
And I Darken – If Vlad the Impaler was actually a 16 year old girl
Act of God – A heat wave, biblical rains, and a rampant mushroom infestation
Across the Universe – Dystopian mystery on a colonizing spaceship


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