2016 Manga/Graphic Novels (First Half)

After a manic run a few years ago, my reading pace for the graphic format has died down a bit. I’m assuming (especially with the manga) that it is because I’m having a harder time finding titles in print. I also don’t have the time or inclination to deal with scanlation sites. That being said, I’ve still managed to find several series that pulled me in.

Graphic Novel Favorites

lumberjanes 1 lumberjanes 2 velvet 1 velvet 2

Lumberjanes, Vol 1: Beware the Kitten Holy & Lumberjanes, Vol 2: Friendship to the Max – The first two volumes were freaking amazing. I loved the strength and ingenuity of the girls. I loved the idea of a more awesome version of Girl Scout camp mixed in with multiple supernatural elements. Each chapter begins with a badge description, and almost all of them had me wishing those badges actually existed. Volume 3 did not make the favorites because I felt it was a weaker entry in the series.
Velvet, Vol 1: Before the Living End & Velvet, Vol 2: The Secret Lives of Dead Men – Velvet is what happens when it turns out Miss Moneypenny was actually a secret agent. Who then gets set up and framed for the murders of other agents, and how she goes about trying to figure out why this is happening. Mixed in with her on the lam in the present, are scenes from her past that help flesh out why Velvet was so much more than just a secretary.

Graphic Novels
Roller Girl
Relish: My Life in the Kitchen
The Phoenix Requiem, Vol 1-5
Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans
Ms. Marvel, Vol 2 & 3
Andre the Giant: Life and Legend
SuperMutant Magic Academy
An Age of License: A Travelogue
March: Book One
Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling
March: Book Two
Space Dumplins
Lumberjanes, Vol 3: A Terrible Plan
Something New
Rat Queens, Vol 3: Demons

Manga Favorites

tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul, Vol 1-5 – I  love this series. It is horror (not one of my usual genres) and it can be grotesque. However, the characters and the realities of their lives are fascinating. Humans see ghouls as monsters, ghouls see humans as both monsters and prey. Tensions are high with threats and killings on both sides. Throw into this Ken Kaneki, a human who has been turned into a human-ghoul hybrid who is trying to adjust to his new life.

He’s My Only Vampire, Vol 1-4
Fairy Tail, Vol 1-5
Blackbird, Vol 1-3, Vol 18
One Piece, Vol 1-30
Psyren, Vol 1-6
A Silent Voice, Vol 1-3
The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol 1-4





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