July Books

My South Carolina workcation took up the first three weeks of July, though this caused less of an impact because I spent most of my Fourth of July weekend reading. I had also reached my social interaction limit, and other than occasionally surfacing to play Cards Against Humanity, holed myself up in my room.

Audiobooks (9)

lamb menagerie sea wolves vulcan driving mr dead
blood starlight isabella orient express agent to the stars

Lamb was an tongue in cheek satire from the perspective of Jesus’ best friend Biff, sent back to earth in order to set the record straight. I found it entertaining, if a tad bit long. ~ Menagerie was beautiful. It was hard to listen to at times, but that was more because of the implications of what could happen, than actual violence. I couldn’t imagine how unbelievably hard it would be to have your identity and humanity stripped from you, and then be so callously and inhumanely treated. ~ I love books about strong women, and Isabella: The Warrior Queen does not disappoint. The history I learned in school always portrayed her with a given slant, and it was interesting to see her from a different perspective. She had very rigid morals and ideals, and everything she did was done in order to force her country to live up to and maintains those ideals. She was a powerhouse who brought a level of stability that hadn’t been seen in generations.

Novels (17)

penumbra beauty queens daughters samurai great terrible beauty enders game koch 1 koch 2 koch 3 koch 4 Untitled-3 girl midnight orlando grace jones speculation sexiest man golden dynasty fantastical

Beauty Queens is one of my favorite satires – and Survivor-style pageant adventure. ~ Daughters of the Samurai was a fascinating look at how Japan’s opening of its borders to the Western world directly impacted three girls who were sent to the US to be educated. By the time they returned to Japan, the country had cooled on Western ideas and the girls ended up stuck in a no-man’s land, trying to reacclimate themselves into a society they’d been away from for ten years. ~ The Book of Speculation was awful. Really neat idea, poor execution. After some initial excitement, the story plodded along. The characters weren’t able to save it, either. Simon was whiny and hand-wringy. His sister was utterly obnoxious and self-absorbed. ~ Both The Golden Dynasty and Fantastical hooked me because of the romance/switching places with your inter-dimensional doppelganger. Of the two, Fantastical was better. The Golden Dynasty was a bit too culturally-rapey-still-falls-in-love. There are other books in this series, but one of them was didn’t seem interesting, and the heroine of the other was too annoying (couldn’t finish reading it).

Manga (2) / Graphic (1)

saga 6 tokyo ghoul 6 tokyo ghoul 7

Saga, volume 6 was the weakest of the volumes so far, but “weak” is relative as the story was still riveting. ~ Tokyo Ghoul continues to keep me hooked, especially with how volume 7 ended.



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