Next Next Again

I am finally reading the last book of my first Next Next Hold List (The Rook by Daniel O’Malley). It has taken me 7 1/2 weeks to read most of my 20 books because my attention was diverted by too many other books (isn’t that always the case?). Of my original list of books, I’ve finished only 13. Four books I returned unread. Either because once I flipped through them they lost their appeal, or because I had already maxed out my renewals. The other three books I started, but didn’t finish.

Returned Unread
The Night Circus (Still want to read)
Notorious RBG (Didn’t catch my fancy after flipping through it.)
Infectious Madness (Husband said author spent too much time writing about what the book will be about as opposed to just writing it.)
Dead Wake (Still want to read)

Ivory and Bone (I have a hard time with first person present. The story was boring and the characters uninteresting.)
One Piece Omnibus, Vol 34-36 (The whole thing is starting to feel redundant.)
And I Darken (Lada is obnoxious and tries to hard to be her strong/evil self, Radu is whiny and annoying. The story plodded, and after skipping around reading a few pages here and there, found that I had no desire to read the entire book.)

So…Now that my completion was only marginally successful, and because it is entirely impossible for me to learn my lesson regarding book-eyes being larger than book-stomach, I have refilled my Next Next Hold List with 26 more books. Yay! I am blithely ignoring the dozens of books hanging around my house, desperately waiting to be read.

gentleman ghoul-to-do gilded-cage hopefuls ice-cube it-happened-one-autumn jungle-of-stone magonia nerve paper-and-fire sabriel silent-voice-4 big-tiny city-and-city clash-of-eagles naked-in-death prom-goer regulars school-for-unusual-girls winter woman-in-cabin-10 constance-verity geeks-guide hemingses-of-montecello

The Gentleman – A poet accidentally sold his wife to the devil and has to get her back – Wodehouse/Monty Python-style
The Gilded Cage – American girl inherits English estate with her brother. Brother dies; is it murder? Is she crazy?
A Silent Voice, Vol 4-6 – Continuation of Shoya’s change from a bully to a reformed friend.
Paper and Fire – Library controls dystopian world. After surviving initiation, mistakes are made and the Library is after them.
Magonia – Sickly Earth girl joins the sky, finds powers, finds war.
Naked in Death – Romancy murder mystery.
Sabriel – Sabriel must rescue her father, save the world, and learn of her destiny.
It Happened One Autumn – Buccaneer seeks English peer for marriage, romance and betrayal ensue.
What’s a Ghoul to Do? – Ghostly problems and a murder.
The Woman in Cabin 10 – Agatha Christie-type murder mystery on a luxury cruise ship.
The City & the City – Rich city, poor city. Both overlap the same physical space. A murder investigation crosses the cities’ borders.
The Hopefuls – Upwardly climbing young Washingtonians ruin marriage and friendships.
The Prom Goer’s Interstellar Excursion – An interstellar adventure to rescue an abducted prom date.
The Big Tiny: A Built-it-myself Memoir – Revamp life, scale down to tiny size, find emotional freedom.
Clash of Eagles – Romans invade North America.
Winter – Snow White gets the Lunar Chronicles treatment.
The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love – High school geek crush + New York Comic Con.
A School for Unusual Girls – Regency era girl’s school reforms the ton’s embarrassments into spies.
Jungle of Stone – Explorers discover the lost civilization of the Maya.
The Last Adventure of Constance Verity – Sick of saving the world, Constance Verity wants to reset her destiny.
Nerve – Live streaming game of dares gets out of control.
Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube – California girl sets out to survive in Alaska and Norway.
The Regulars: A Novel – Girls take drug to make them pretty, but at what cost?
The Hemingses of Montecello – Jefferson’s other family and descendants.





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