Audiobook TBR List 2.0

Looking back, I last did a TBR list for my audiobooks at the end of May. I’m not binge listening as much as I was earlier this year – my new position focuses more on people than files, so headphones aren’t an option. I still listen during my commute, though. I’ve tried driving while listening  to music, and it is not a pretty sight.

From my previous list of 22 books, I listened to 19, DNF two (A Curious Beginning and The Girls of Atomic City), and still have not listened to one (A Man on the Moon – it’s over 23 hours long, and nonfiction, so…it will probably be “need to clear the queue” read). I also listened to an additional 31 books (I did to a bit of binge listening recently).

My current queue is at 16 books, and that is only because I am forcing myself to put potential reads in a wishlist instead of buying (and buying) more credits. I’m sure there are some books I could get from the library, but I have a really hard time listening to CDs anymore because I can’t make the listening speed go faster. My library does have some books in Playaway (which as several listening speeds), but I haven’t had a lot of success in finding books I want to listen to in that format.

anubis-gates artful breakfast-at-tiffanys critial-failures crucible-of-souls gemina hungry-earth lesser-beasts medieval-world nice-dragons-finish-lasat queens-poisoner single-undead-moms-club understanding-japan view-from-the-cheap-seats magicians american-gods-10th

The Anubis Gates – A fantastical, madcap, time travel adventure.
Artful – The Artful Dodger battles anti-monarchy vampires.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – A society girl and her fascinated neighbor.
Critical Failures – D&D just got real.
A Crucible of Souls – Epic fantasy. Young orphan learns about sorcery and evil.
Gemina – Sequel to Illuminae. What goes down on the Heimdall while Katy battled Hal9000 and its crew of Reavers.
Hungry Earth – Sequel to Dark Waters. Magical boarding school/college + murder mystery.
Lesser Beasts – A history of the creature that (in part) becomes bacon. Mmm…bacon…
The Medieval World – 36 lectures about the medieval world. Pretty self-explanatory.
Nice Dragons Finish Last – A dragon forced into human form has to prove his ruthlessness or stay a human forever.
The Queen’s Poisoner – Young boy, hostage in a king’s court, must learn to survive.
Single Undead Moms Club – Newly turned single mom learns to navigate being undead.
Understanding Japan: A Cultural History – A history of Japan.
The View From the Cheap Seats – It’s Neil Gaiman nonfiction collection. Do I really need to say more?
The Magicians – Magical university mashed with Narnia.
American Gods –  Old World Gods vs. New World Gods in America.



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