December Books

My reading slowed down as the end of the year approached. I overdid it with the book challenges (given everything else going on), and by December I was in a reading rut from “having” to read certain books even as my neglected TBR list continued to grow. We’ll see how 2017 goes.

Audiobooks (12)

man-on-the-moon nice-dragons-1 critical-failures hungry-earth magicians
royally-screwed tom-stranger shadow-queen redshirts
artifact masquerading-magician understanding-japan

Most of my December reading consisted of audiobooks. I didn’t feel like I had the time to sit down and focus on an actual book. Plus I have a bunch of titles sitting in my Audible queue, and I needed to make them disappear. A Man on the Moon was wonderful. I’ve listened to several other space race/outerspace books recently, and it’s always nice to get slightly different perspectives on both people and events. It also brought back memories of when I got to listen to an astronaut give a talk in the officers club at Kirtland AFB when I was kid (couldn’t tell you who, but I was mesmerized during the entire thing). I ended up finishing it a few days before John Glenn passed away. The Magicians is a reread, and I liked it more than I did when I first read it in 2009. It’s full of ennui, and I can relate to that because I feel like I’m in a life rut. Royally Screwed ended up being a bit of a disappointment. I know to suspend belief when reading romances, but I couldn’t get past the complete lack of plausibility of a crown prince falling for an American commoner, and then abdicating for lurve. Redshirts was more entertaining than expected. A fun riff on Star Trek and other old sci-fi shows – this is what happens when a tv show intrudes on another reality. I liked the main ending, but could have done without the various epilogues focusing on some of the secondary characters.

Novels (5) / Novellas (3)

dragon-fever smoke-and-fire natural-charmer core-of-the-sun
pope-joan date-night princess-saves-herself why-women-should

Five of the books listed here were from the PopSugar reading challenges, and there will be another post with my thoughts about them. As a whole, I enjoy the Dark Kings series by Donna Grant, but I’m kind of over the romance part of it – it’s fairly predictable and formulaic, and generally doesn’t add anything to overarching plot. The overarching plot and various secondary characters are what keeps me coming back. These characters tend to be more complex, more ambiguous in what their angle is or whose side they’re actually on. Dark fairies vs. dragons, dragons vs. exiled dragon(s), light fairies claim neutrality, the Reapers (what amounts to the fairy Justice League) have made their reappearance, and the humans are unwittingly caught in the middle of it all. Natural Born Charmer was a cute book. It was well-written, and the plot generally felt believable.

Read Alouds (2)

bunnicula clementine

Bunnicula was the first chapter book I ever read (age 8, finished while riding in a car somewhere in Nevada). It will always have strong sentimental value to me. I still have the same copy, and a few years ago, I got it signed by James Howe at a book festival. It was the highlight of my day. This time around marks the third time I have read it to my children, and I am happy they enjoy it as well. While trying to find books to read to my 6-year old, I stumbled across Clementine. She absolutely adores it. Me…not so much. I found her kind of bratty in a pig-headed, “they don’t understand me” kind of way.







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