May Books

I managed quite a few books in May, and many of them were unrelated to reading challenges. Challenge burnout has been setting in, and I really, really want to work on my Amazon wishlist, which is sitting at over 1100 books. I should probably also work through the 50ish books on my Kindle. My reading eyes are bigger than the time I have, and someday I’ll get caught up, but it sure won’t be in the next five or so years.

Audiobooks (10)

I was excited to listen to Clinton Kelly read I Hate Everyone, Except You, but it ended up being really disappointing. You can tell he loves his family, but at the same time, some of his essays were surprisingly crass. I have no interest in listening to him go on and on about a a weird spot on his penis. ~ Hell Divers is not my usual fare, but it was interesting and I didn’t want to stop listening to it. ~ I have been waiting for Awaken Online: Precipice for a while. I absolutely LOVED the first book. This one wasn’t quite as strong, but still wonderfully morally ambiguous. ~ Another sequel I’ve been waiting for is For We Are Many. The Bobiverse is awesome. There is no strong central plot, but instead multiple smaller plots that can intersect. It’s akin to a multigenerational saga.

Novels (20) / Nonfiction (4)


My non-challenge books ended up being on the darker side, minus the three romance novels. Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph were surprisingly entertaining. I wasn’t expecting to get sucked into reading them to the point that had to go to the library in order to get my hands on the sequel as quickly as possible. Assassin nuns fighting evil, but the world around them is morally ambiguous (I like morally ambiguous). Not fluffy reads. ~ Hunter was an alright retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Not my favorite, but not the worst. ~ Wintersong was better than expected. As soon as I heard it was a riff on Labyrinth, I had to read it. And while it is, to a degree…it also isn’t. It started out somewhat meh, but picked up once Liesl saved her sister. I liked the mythology behind the Goblin King, and I’m curious as to what happens next. ~ Daughter of the Pirate King was also a good story. Alosa was on the annoying, eye-rolling side at first, but once the story got rolling, she became less obviously obnoxious.

Graphic (1)

I love how Neil Gaiman modulates his words and voice, and he does it beautifully with Hansel & Gretel. And while I did not listen to the story, I heard his voice in my head.

Read Alouds (9)


My younger two, Bug and Max, have been on a Notebook of Doom kick. We’ve been ignoring other books, such as The Princess and the Goblin, in order to plow through these. The stories are creative and fun, and I like the pages dedicated to showing facts about various monsters. I don’t hate reading them, which is fairly high praise. Bean and I have been slowly making our way through The Witch of Blackbird Pond. It’s hard to make time to read to her because of the younger two. Also because we’ve been watching Poirot on Netflix.





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