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Bean’s reading slowed down a bit during the second quarter of 2019. She was spending more time with friends and on her Kindle playing games (I’d like to think she was playing solely logic games, but the reality was more along the lines of Roblox, Minecraft, and various Papa Louie games). She still struggles with reading book books; not being able visually focus on the words. When I get back from my work-cation, I am going to call the school so she can be tested. Both she and I want to see if there is a legitimate issue, and if there is, skills she can pick up to help her be able to read.

Her favorite books were: Moxie, Skyward (listened to twice), Haunting the Deep, Code Name Verity, Caraval, Legendary

Bean’s 1st Quarter Books 2019

Bean blew through 50 books in the first quarter of 2019. All but two were audiobooks. Her tastes have been changing since she’s starting moving from middle grade to YA books, becoming interested in Victorian era books with strong heroines and plot twist mysteries. Both my sister and I have been trying to keep up with book recommendations, but it has been somewhat complicated by the fact that she does not like reading book books, and not every book is available in audio format.

Her favorite books were: Illuminae trilogy, Hunter trilogy, Madman’s Daughter trilogy, Stalking Jack the Ripper/Hunting Prince Dracula, Hotel Ruby

Fantasy / Science Fiction (27)

Horror (10)

Historical – Fiction / Nonfiction (5)

Contemporary (6)

Graphic (2)

Bean’s 4th Quarter Books 2018

Bean read (listened to) 70 books in 2018!

And after grumbling and rolling her eyes at me, deigned to tell me which of the books listed below were her favorites. I even got comments! Oh the joys of tweens.

Bean’s favorites:

Jackaby – Sherlock Holmes-y with comedy and some Dr. Who thrown in
Delicious in Dungeon – liked the plot, liked that the characters weren’t perfect, liked the humor though she says she didn’t get most of it
Grenade and Sachiko – both WWII historical fiction, liked that they were from the Japanese perspective

Audiobooks (13)

Graphic (9)

Bean’s 3rd Quarter Books 2018

One of the things I like about Bean is her reading choices. They are different than mine in that when I was 12, I was heavily into dragons and sword fantasy, with a smattering of sci-fi, whereas she is into history (both fiction and nonfiction) and books about children from other cultures. There is some fantasy in there, but hers leans towards adventure.

Her favorite books from this quarter were: Project, 1065, Refugee, and The Boys in the Boat.

Audiobooks (11)


Graphic (1)

Bean’s 1st Quarter Books 2018

Bean was knocking out the books during the first three months of 2018. Audiobooks are her thing – she has a hard time mentally focusing on print; she finds it too small. Her “omg these books are amazing!” books were:

A Mango Shaped Space
The Scourge
Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervllain

Audiobooks (23)

School (3)

Bean’s 4th Quarter Books 2017

Bean discovered or revisited several book series, and spent a decent amount of her winter break listening to books on her new Kindle. Her favorites (which account for most of what she read) are:

*Curse Workers trilogy: They were well-written, I liked the rules of magic the author created, and I liked that the main characters were not perfect.

*Magisterium series: series I liked Call because he is supposed to be the bad guy, but is trying to do the right thing and be a hero. I also liked the rules of magic the author created.

*Willow Falls series: Each book had multiple points-of-view with different plots that all came together in the end. Each plot revolved around a central character, and nothing would have happened without that character.

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter

Audiobooks (14)

Books (2)

Read Alouds (1)