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November Books

The pace of November didn’t slow down, but I was still able to get a lot of books read. I’ve hit a slump with my Amazon TBR #3 with 16 books remaining. I will probably only read 1-3 more books from that list before the end of the year. I need to focus on finishing up PopSugar (5 books left), but it’s up in the air if I’ll finish it.

November Favs: Lost Boy, Old Man’s War, I’ll Meet You There, Delicious in Dungeon, vol 1

Audiobooks Fiction (10) / Nonfiction (7)


Novels (11)

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October Books

October was crazy, and I was home for maybe half of it – between a cruise to Bermuda and a last minute two week long out-of-state training course for my job (yes to a workcation!).

As of today, November 17th, I have 18 books left on my Amazon TBR list #3. I won’t finish it this year, but I should end up with less than 10 books remaining. I’ve been reading for PopSugar again, and I’ve been working on both my Amazon TBR list #2 and Audible TBR.

Fav books from October: Dragon Teeth, The Calculating Stars, Moxie, and Unnatural Creatures

Audiobooks Fiction (10) / Nonfiction (4)


Novels (15)


September Books

I am actually on top of a post for once! September was a busy month as well, though the busy was different than in August – planning Girl Scout meetings and library storytimes/programming, and prepping for a Disney cruise (I take this stuff seriously).

Headway is being made on my Amazon TBR list (list #3, to be exact). I knocked the list down to 53 books! Note, however, that of those 41 books, almost half were DNFs. And somewhere my numbers aren’t adding up between my spreadsheet and bullet journal, so my count is more suggestion than reality.

Fav books from September: Radium Girls, Strange the Dreamer, The Epic Crush of Genie Lo, and The Wicked Deep.

Audiobooks (19)

Novels (10)

August Books

Here is my laughably late reads for August – which was a busy month full of remodeling a bathroom and getting the kids ready for back to school. Almost all of the books are from my smallest Amazon TBR list (there are now five). There were 128 books on it as of August 1st, and I decided that instead of focusing on finishing PopSugar, I would make it my goal to knock out this entire list before the end of the year. I managed to drop the list down to 94 books (16 of the 34 were DNFs).

At some point I would plan on writing blurbs for at least some of the books, but the ones I liked the best were Carry On (surprising, given my feelings about Fan Girl), Dread Nation, The Lost Book of the Grail, In Other Lands, and Wendy Darling.




Read Aloud

July Books

July was an all-over kind of month. I was in FL for the first week, so only minimal reading was accomplished. Harry Potter was our driving home audiobook – Bug adored it, Bean still doesn’t seem to care about HP one way or the other. I also spent time watching movies. We introduced the kids to the Back to the Future movies, and found that they are still watchable with pretty much zero cringe-worthy moments. All three of the kids loved them, especially Max.

Audiobooks (16)


Novels (10)

June Books

For the sake of getting a post, any post, out in a timely fashion, here are my June reads. June was full of potentially-not-going-to-graduate drama, prepping my portfolio, and packing for (and starting) a let’s-drive-19-hours-to-Disney-with-3-kids!

Audiobooks (13)


Books (6)

May Books

May saw the wrap up of my final two classes for graduate school, so the long awaited Master’s Degree is on the horizon. I also buckled down on my Hub Challenge books (15 read in May), and kept picking away at my Amazon TBR. PopSugar is pretty much on hold until Hub is over at the end of June.

Audiobooks (12)


I felt the urge to revisit Sookie Stackhouse, though this time I listened to them instead of reading them. I really do enjoy this series – the first 6-7 books, at least. After that, the quality went down (coinciding with the release of True Blood).  Book Sookie and TB Sookie are completely different people, and I did not like how the show portrayed her or how it twisted the various plots. Plus, as the series progressed Harris seemed to take sadistic pleasure in torturing/killing her characters and ruining their lives.

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Still on my alien/dragon romance kick, I enjoyed the two Celestial Mates novellas. The others were not very good. Ruby Dixon worlds are interesting as are the overall plots that connect the individual books in her series together, but she tends to get bogged down in the sex and hero/heroine’s self-reflection. As an example, a good 30% of Fire in His Kiss could have been axed because it didn’t forward the plot or the characters’ relationship. The first book, Fire in His Blood was decent, but I couldn’t make it even a quarter of the way through the third book.

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I read Phantom to my girls in preparation to see the Broadway musical. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for years, but have never actually seen it. The book provided a decent overview, and the musical was freaking amazing. In both, however, Raoul and the Phantom didn’t see Christine as her own person, only an object they wanted to possess. I wanted to throttle both of them.