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June Books

There was a definite decrease in the amount of books I read in June – part reading slump, part doing other things.

Amazon: added 65 ; read/DNF’d 29
Audible: added 5 ; read/DNF’d 7

Audiobooks Fiction (8) / Nonfiction (4)

all i want halloween hunter jagannath

The four nonfiction books were alright, none of them really standing out. Girt stood out a bit from the rest, but that was mainly because the humor was too off-color at times, bordering something your uncouth drunk uncle would loudly say in public. Dungeon Born was fun, written from the dual perspective of Cal (the sentient dungeon) and Dale (mountain owner and adventurer). I wanted to smoosh Cal’s granite cheeks because he was just so darn cute. His excitement in successfully creating monsters and killing adventurers. Rebel Belle was an interesting take on demon hunting, but from the reviews I’ve read of the remaining two books, the focus on that aspect leaves a lot to be desired. Jagannath is one of the best short story collections I have read. It is speculative fiction done right, and I am still squigged out from the story “Rebekah.”

Novels (5) / Novella (1)

Love a la Mode was a cute, fluffy read. Bayou Born took a while to get rolling, but I enjoyed it enough to read the sequel. Could have done without the romance.

Manga (3)

None of these were really interesting. Shibuya Goldfish was an interesting idea, but the story didn’t flow fell. Satan’s Secretary was on the annoying side, and while Sleepy Princess in a Demon Castle had multiple funny moments, it didn’t feel like there was a lot happening other than her hijinks.

May Books

Even though the number of books I read in May was normal, I am having a hard time focusing. I should be reading Hub books, but all I want to do is read down Amazon. A good thing is that I will have another work-cation this summer, and plan on bring a ton of books with me. I keep telling myself that it’s alright if I don’t read Amazon books right now.

Amazon: added 60 ; read/DNF’d 38
Audible: added 8 ; read 4

Audiobooks Fiction (13) / Nonfiction (6)

Lost City of the Monkey God – interesting, but would have liked to hear more about the lost city itself and the people who lived there
The Soul of an Octopus – I was hoping for more science and less sentimentalism. There was also a disconnect between the author waxing poetic about the intelligence of octopuses and detailing her Wednesday playdates at the aquarium while acknowledging that the octopuses in museums are stolen from the wild and have short life spans.
Space Opera – there was so much that could have been done with the concept of Eurovision in space as a way to keep galactic peace. Unfortunately, the author was trying too hard to be  clever, spent too much time on asides, and the actual “Eurovision” part (which is WHY I wanted to read the damn book) was a flash in the pan at the very end.
This Side of Murder / Trecherous is the Night – a mystery series set post-WWI. Verity is a strong, intelligent character. A big part of why I like this series is because it deals with how the aftereffects of war impact individuals and their relationships.
The Bride Test – a cute romance that had me giggling to myself more than once. The story is good, and I like both Esme and Khai. It is a romance that would be readable for non-romance readers.

Novels / Novellas (12)

Murderbot is awesome, and 2020 is a long time to wait for the full-length novel. This series should be turned into a TV show.

Graphic (9)

April Books

I ended up on a bit of a paranormal kick in April. I love the Three Mages and a Margarita series, and will continue to read/reread them. While Tori can be annoying at times, she’s annoying for making decisions that anyone of us would do in real life, but don’t want to see our heroines do in books. The Mystic Bayou series is also fun, as is Touched by an Alien (read it four times) series. Kitty is sarcastic and intelligent, and for some reason, constantly underestimated by most of the other characters in the series.

From the land of Audible, I listened to eight books and only added ten. I know I DNF’d a few, but didn’t make a note of how many. I also read/DNF’d 32 Amazon books, and added 43. Not horrible, but not helping me read down the lists. I’ve been trying to avoid reading posts about new books.

Audiobook Fiction (19) / Nonfiction (1)


Novels (7) / Novella (1)

Graphic (8) / Graphic Nonfiction (1) / Manga (4)

March Books

For my March reads, 26 out of 39 books were from my Amazon TBR lists. One was from Audible. In a very unhelpful move, I added 118 books to Amazon TBR, and six to Audible.

Only somewhat related to books, I watched Dumplin’ on Netflix, and have to say it was a rare movie I liked more than the book. I enjoyed the book, but the movie added more drag queen and got rid of most of the romantic drama. I hope they turn Puddin’ into a movie as well.

Audiobooks Fiction (11) / Nonfiction (4)

1000 beginnings akata witch akata warrior ice-cube dark descent trail of lightning

Novels (6) / Novellas (2) / Nonfiction (1)

labor of love dream quest vellitt boe #murdertrending

Graphic (9) / Manga (6)

ice cream man 1 ice cream man 2 heavy vinyl
mae unwanted

February Books

In February, I spent a decent amount of time listening to Abbey Road and Wish You Were Here on repeat, so I didn’t bang though as many audiobooks as I normally would. Out of the 38 books I read in February, 28 were from my Amazon TBR; two were from my Audible TBR. Of course, I ended up adding 27 books to Amazon and three to Audible, so they ended up cancelling each other out.

Audiobooks Fiction (11) / Nonfiction (3)

Regarding the non-challenge books (though not all of them), The Shallows was interesting – looking both at how advances in technology have changed how humans think, and how current technology is causing another seismic shift in how our brains process information. Muse of Nightmares was somewhat of a let down after Strange the Dreamer. Pretty much nothing happens during the first half of the book, and almost all of that half could have been axed without a loss of quality. Smokejumpers was a fascinating read. A dangerous job, but a resource that if utilized more seems like it could lessen the severity of forest fires.

Novels (8) / Nonfiction (1)

Ash & Bramble was an interesting reimagining of Cinderella. It was a fast read and decently written. I’ll probably pick up the sequel at some point. Rock with Me was an entertaining romance. I liked both characters, and the story as a whole wasn’t overwhelmed with nonsense drama. That being said, I’m glad I read it before Come Away with Me (the first book in the series). That book overused the word “baby”, and even if the story itself was fine, there were too many sex scenes – to the point that I would sigh, roll my eyes, and start skimming. The Ghost Network was an existential/philosophical mystery, and not necessarily for the faint of heart. I enjoyed it, but ended up skipping the majority of the foot notes.

Graphic (13) / Manga (1) / Picture Book (1)

Spill Zone: The Broken Vow was a solid conclusion to the duology. My Boyfriend is a Bear is out there, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely worth the read. Both The Flintstones and Exit Stage Left surprised me with their political and social commentary. The cartoons of yore, they are not. Be Prepared was a bit painful to read, but that was more because I was also a social outsider as a child, and it can be hard to watch characters experience comparable tribulations. The Woods is amazing. A high school is transported from Earth to an alien planet, and the teachers and students have to figure out what is going on. It is definitely creepy, and I definitely cannot wait to keep reading.

January Books

One month down, eleven more to go! I ended up being a bit obsessed with getting as many books read as humanly possible. I could have read more if I hadn’t stayed on the sick train that started in December. Out of the 39 books I read in January, 30 of them were from my Amazon TBR lists. I also managed four Audible TBR books. To counteract this, I ended up adding 105 books to Amazon and 10 books to Audible.

Audiobooks (22)

my name is markham great st mary day out into the dim

Novels (16)

too wilde to wed

Graphic (1)

December Books

I read most of my December books before my round of cold-strep-throat-not-flu began several days before Christmas. I kind of gave up on Amazon TBR#3 (14 books left) and PopSugar (2 books left unread as of 12/31/18), and went mostly for comfort/brain candy books.

Favorites: Three Mages and a Margarita, Cake, Cinderella and the Colonel, MBRC, The Hating Game, Delicious in Dungeon

Audiobooks (16)

on stranger tides first mate accidental wife wedding date living danishly  

Three Mages and a Margarita sounded like a fun urban fantasy, and it was. There is a bit of romance, but not a lot. The MC has a short temper for nonsense, and has no problem standing up for herself and placing herself in danger for others. I also liked that she’s not “special”. She’s a plain old human (though who knows, this could change at some point in the series). The sequel was fun as well, with a completely different setting/feel to it. Can’t wait for book #3. Cake was surprisingly entertaining. I didn’t have high hopes for it because of Forever My Girl (had to DNF that one – so, so horrible!), and was glad that there wasn’t a shady love triangle involved. I don’t think I’ll read the sequels, but I would read Cake again. The Hating Game was another entertaining romance sans love triangle. I loved the dynamic between Lucy and Joshua, and I enjoyed them as individuals. It was a book I wanted to read again as soon as I finished. I ended up buying the audiobook because I know I will listen to it again.

Novels (10)

milk alien abduction 1

Cinderella and the Colonel is a wonderful retelling of Cinderella. She’s a duchess in a conquered country, trying to do right by her people, her step-family (though they don’t like each other), and her lands. A colonel from the conquering army won’t leave her alone, much to her annoyance.  The M.B.R.C. books are so funny. I reread them when I need a bit of light humor in my life. A human teen girl gets swept into the realm of magic hiding beneath the surface of Chicago. I like her because she’s driven, innovative, and doesn’t take crap from any of the mythological creatures she deals with.

Graphic (9)

delicious in dungeon 2 delicious in dungeon 3 delicious in dungeon 4 delicious in dungeon 5

I read the rest of the available volumes of Delicious in Dungeon, and it really is a fun series. Doubly so because Bean likes them as well. It’s humorous and doesn’t take itself too seriously even though the characters have tragic motivations and face some serious obstacles. Monstress is just amazing. I am really excited to see where the story goes, especially as the ending of volume 3 was heart wrenching. Snotgirl – I could never read another volume and be fine with it. Totally not my cup of tea. Didn’t like the character, didn’t like the story.